[Yokkora] Mama wa Muchi Muchi | Mom Is a Dummy (ANGEL Club 2016-05) [English] [resurrective] [Decensored]

[ヨッコラ] ママは無知ムチ (ANGEL 倶楽部 2016年5月号) [英訳] [無修正]

Artists: yokkora (133)
Categories: manga (59,161)
20 pages

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So fucking love the position she was fucked in I swear. Like the bottom side 2 images of page 17. Love it!!!
@nhentai_pr0vider brought me here
I like the art and the incest, but hate characters like this.
okay guys, i need to know! in the last panel i can't decide if she actually just pretending to be uneducated because of the wink or is it just mean something else?
It's amazing that people actually fell for her words. Ofc, she was just playing dumb to get laid with him. I think a pretty grown woman like her that have a child on her own knows how where children come from and how they are brought to the world. It's not rocket science. But ofc I can be wrong. She can be stupid as fuck, who knows. But I think she probably played him to get laid with him. ^^
Mother love is the best. Yep, that's how you become a champion. I loved the incest interactions here. It was lovely to read.
All the hate and no one could just enjoy it
Kenny Omega
es la puta mas tonta que aya conocido
wait if she thinks kids are brought by the stork, how the hell did she give birth and find nothing suspicious.
her head just go to a weird side there
ok..maybe she was just tricked into thinking she got fat as a sign that the stork was on its way. then maybe she was unconscious the entire time she was in labor. or or maybe the kid was adopted.
Pretty lame she was a slut :/ Fuck you
Wait wait wait wait... She has a son and thinks the children come from the stork?!?! HOW FUCKING RETARDED IS THIS WOMAN?!?!?!
@blogtruyenclone Oh hey look, you're a fucking retard who can't tell the difference between censored and decensored.
@blogtruyenclone not a repost, this is the uncensored version
Oh hey look, a fucking reupload.
its a good when a kings work is decensored
English Translation Activist
I not sure what to say other than the Dad is a smooth motherfucker.