[Onsen Ninja (Youkihi)] Akazukin to Ookami Shounen (Little Red Riding Hood) [Japanese, English(re-translated)] [Digital]

[温泉忍者 (陽気婢)] あかズキンとオオカミしょうねん (赤ずきん) [日本語、英語v2] [DL版]

Artists: youkihi (28)
Categories: doujinshi (159,427)
20 pages

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@Shotamaster1911: Whats this a person using a Pepe as their personal image is giving this doujin shit for not having good art and character designs? I think someone is trying to be funny in the ironic sense. While I agree character scaling was inconsistent in a few pages, the designs were fine and the art style isn't nearly as bad as you're playing it out to be. All and all its still a creative, solid and erotic take of a fairy tale classic, easily a 8/10.
What a proud American carrying his rifle around
didn't honestly enjoy this that much, the girl looked odd, the grandma looked odd and the art style overall just looked like crap. I can't say much other then it's not that good, 2/10.