[Sinbo Tamaran, Takeuti Ken] Harem Wedding The Sweet Honeymoon Ch. 1-6 [English] [TripleSevenScans] [Digital]

[神保玉蘭、竹内けん] ハーレムウェディング The Sweet Honeymoon 第1-6話 [英訳] [DL版]

Categories: manga (59,947)
144 pages

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Lectival Schwarz
Would love this even more if it had better art
Fire Wolf
I'm happ they at least added more chapters I hope they fully translate this it's one of my favorites
Just a passerby
Never mind. Found it, and this is a freaking novel
Just a passerby
I wonder if this has a comic ver. You know, back story and such.
Pentagram Industries
The artwork is so old school. But I can work with that.