(C92) [Kedama Gyuunyuu (Tamano Kedama)] FLANEX (Touhou Project) [English] [Cecilbk]

(C92) [毛玉牛乳 (玉之けだま)] FLANEX (東方Project) [英訳]

Characters: flandre scarlet (838)
Categories: doujinshi (159,628)
15 pages

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Flan’s innocence is gone? I still love it overall
Slamara Dunkina
Kill me because i asked for translation
Whaaattt? This guy is friends with the pea guy? Nice
I wanna fuck Satori-Sama
Lmao, it was the same problem I had with the switch. Good read too 👌👌
I love how this artist stopped drawing fat guys in favor of more fit guys. Also, "onii-chan" is the singlest hottest phrase a loli can say.