[Zero no Mono] A-part | Apartment (COMIC JSCK Vol. 3) [English] [Ancient Archon]

[ゼロの者] あ・パート (コミックジェシカ Vol.3) [英訳]

Categories: manga (64,356)
22 pages

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Show uss the mother more Will ya
bottom of page 4 when did she get one for all?
How the fuck the mother accept to eat the candies? Did that old ugly hitler force through her mouth? Damn i still wish more the mom!!! Those huge tits!
FBI i swear it was in my recomendations
The Ahegao God
Only thing I want more of is the mom, like I've been seeing in the comments. Way too hot to just leave it there.
The Ahegao God
@TrickstaBoy Simple really. Wish fulfillment. If even the ugliest guy can fuck a girl, all is right in the world.
Weee need her mother she is so hot
so sad i didn't see the mom in this one
I have confusing feeling about that Story! The art is great and the girls arousing but it feel to real. It look like a plan that real rapers could use in real life if drugs like that exist. And in a way, it is what make it more exciting. The mom absolutely my type, is not some sexually frustrated or sex addict woman like any other H-story and the girl is so naive but believable. Even if "little girl getting by old men" is not my cup of tea, I can't stop enjoying it. P.S: Does anyone know if we can ask the author for a 2nd chapter concerning only the mother?
I agree, the mom should have her own chapter next
The mom is so hot, she should have more chapter for her.
the one who gave her the second candy is literally japanase Hitler
looks like I've found another holy grail, holy shit
@NTR God - look up the tag bbw, at least one of those things should have a girl so horribad it qualifies as ugly
lol I will give a dollar for whoever finds a doujin of a handsome guy fucking an ugly bitch, it's unnatural. so the natural thing in hentai is the opposite, flawless logic.
Ah these comments are gold, the salt, the subconsciously bisexual frustrations, the glee, the depression. Truly Zero no Mono is unorthodox genius in how he uses his delicious art to trigger folks. I must say this is rather tame for Zero no Mono, I mean we didn't even get any NTR this time (bummer, we might have been able to open up a salt mining business if there was some).
and this kids is why you don't take things from strangers lol
I want another chapter, this time is the mom's case
(SDA) Slut Detection Agent
This artist is on par with Mizuryu Kei in the level of erotism. Only differ in genre. Kei - Casual sex, while Mono - Rape
Never take candy from strangers
Good to see that sb translate that one. I would loe to see more action with mom- she is sooo hot.
Makoa: those adds are the reazon why I always get addblock on.
Well truthfully I get aroused by Tentacles, alien stuff also sometimes something exciting though I guess some people do well it all depends on the person himself 🤔
Donal Rump
It's because some people get aroused, by watching women getting defiled by ugly shit. Either ugly men, monsters or animals.
Koharu H.P.
Thats fucking bad guy face is too damn shit! But that is the characteristic
i aint even mad at this one ch.2 forward quick
Damn, the art is on point but the girl getting banged has almost no emotion, quite sad, huge potential.
@TrickstaBoy Probably because it's more sexually arousable, muscular studs, ugly dudes with big dicks, etc, normally they already have a cute boyfriend why cheat on him with another cute dude? I totally get it why they do it, in fact i don't get it if they cheat with another cute dude.
this doujin was hotter than i thought
@TrickstaBoy I think is for make the statment: "if that ugly gorilla fat guy can bang girls why you not?"
@TrickstaBoy I think it's cause they're ugly fat guys too and they're drawing out their sexual fantasies
I still don't understand why many Japanese hentai artists like to draw ugly/fat guys banging woman, espiecally in NTR. Does anybody know? I haven't paid attention enough in my hentaiology class
Hate their fucking square gorilla faces...sigh
@moeslayer you wont believe how many hot single mom thats ready to fuck is in your area....click this link to find out more---> learnbible.com
The mom is hotter than the daughter. Kinda hard to believe that she would be single.
that was good....oh,also kid,please do not accept any kind of candy given by anyone,even if they are your neighbour...neighbour is probably the worst one yet,they stalk you for days and act all nice and shit,gain your trust before making a move..i've seen enough shits happen in my neighbourhood...be carefull kids