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if it wasn't an ugly dude this would have been so much better... but i do wish the read had had more pages ... also that book is fuckign amazing... if i found out someone had that i would do 1 thing and 1 thing only.... my own harem until i die and someone who i would deem worthy enough as in they wouldnt use it like this guy did, i would give it to them and write down a rule that only things my soul deemed acceptible by my standards are allowed... because going around taking virginities like that is fucked up... in all reality i would love a girl who gave her virginity to me and i would stay with her until she broke up with me, she cheats on me, or one of us dies. im old fashion in that sense... well random things are out for the day, also i bid the good day sir, or madam.
Alternate version of death note
i really wished it wasnt a fat dude
I would and won't need to analyze the whole situation remember its HENTAI and not real reality is way too twisted And Silent Goddess be careful what you wish for just in case some are granted 😏
I want the ero note and death note
Heh, I would kill for a book like that...