(C92) [Naruho-dou (Naruhodo)] Tsunade no In Kangoku SS (Naruto) [English] {doujins.com}

(C92) [NARUHO堂 (なるほど)] ツナデの淫監獄SS (NARUTO -ナルト-) [英訳]

Parodies: naruto (1,050)
Artists: naruhodo (149)
Categories: doujinshi (179,815)
39 pages

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Ino Uzumaki
Thank you @megalodon7.7 i agreed with you 😊 and @Sakura Haruno the Slut 1 Ino 2 Kushina 3 Tsunade eh eh 😝
ino is much more succulent than sakura, I deserved to get pregnant
Sakura Haruno the Slut
ahahahah no no is sakura the slut queen
how to download the manga from this website? i can't open the file
Have naruto save tsunade and the others
Ino Uzumaki
Tsunade is the queen 💗 and i hope naruho will make more ino doujinshi
Tsunade is the sexiest milf ever
We got a JUNGLE trilogy next time, naruhodo said it will release on 2 months. The completation rate for now is about 10%. New jungle will have sakura as a milf
Ino Uzumaki
Are you serius? Cmon is no sense. All this cum inside theyr womb for what in the end?
@jokerxy are you sure about that? So the trilogy ends with her like that?
Sss is just a compilation of s and ss I’m color
Ino Uzumaki
Pregnant and get birth zetsu babyes too ;)
Could you write to the Naruho artist, to ask him to make a saga ending with the pregnant girls?
@lyvyr where can i see the sss?
Is there anyone knows how to buy his doujin? I mean sss already out, and im thinking to buy it.
Ino Uzumaki
@xaga liones i agreed but tsunade and ino get pregnant will be the best
xaga liones
@klose777 ino and samui are the ones that should be pregnant
Ino Uzumaki
Thank you do much @klose777 i hope this time ino-chan will make more actions
@inouzumaki the cover of the kangoku sss came out. tsunade promises a lot
Ino Uzumaki
Thank you so much klose777 😊 and i agreed. Is time to watch they will a big belly button getting birth zetsu babyes 👍
mei uchiha
a third with pregnant tsunade please: 3
@inouzumaki,ino has the most beautiful hips
naruho you should take a final chapter where a group of ninjas are looking for them and they are already pregnant
Harem King69
Hey yo @gankplunk. Just why did you think we were the same person? XD we just share similar tastes that's it. We aint the same guy and wait @osira is that really true??
Ino Uzumaki
Wooow awesome news. Thank you so much Osira-san :) and hollow squad dont worry i think he will make the sequel :)
I heard that the book will be a bundle with S and SS in color i dont think he is working on a new Prison right now. I hope that i am wrong
Ino Uzumaki
I agreed ;) i hope to watch in tsunade lewd prison sss the kunoichi pregnant. It will be a good ending
Damn how are they not pregnant by now? LUL
Ino Uzumaki
And so? We have the sane tasty what is your problem? Trolling people? Listen dont shoot bullshit only because you found weird somebody have the same tasty because you seem a hater ok? Everybody have theyr like and dislike ok? Im happy to found someone like harem king who like the same artist and the same kunoichi. But we have our like and dislike ok? I dont change my image obly because you found weird that
You know, its all written in your account. Almost same fav tags, same fav artist and naruhodo image on profile. Its not about believing in anything. I hope you just trolling people. If not, please change that to make it less obvious. Thats pretty weird dud :d.
Ino Uzumaki
@gankplunk now you need to say why i need to agreed with myself? Do you think im stupid? Or just you dont believe people can agreed with other people?
@Ino Uzumaki @Hatem king 69 why you using multiaccount to agree with yourself in a porn site? Atleast change fav artist and tags guy, bevause it's kinda obvious that's you xd.
oh ok thx. it was confusing
hey ino uzumaki if you see this what doujin is your picture from. i cant find the doujin anywhere. or is it just a solo picture?
Ino Uzumaki
So? All people have different tasty and that make us special :). For me instead: 1 Ino 2 Tsunade 3 Sakura 4 Hinata 5 Shizune 6 Anko 7 Samui 👌😜
1shizune 2ino 3tsunade 4hinata 5 sakura 6samui 7Anko. I want more of shizune
Hinata and tsunade are te best❤😍😜
The tits of Tsunade and hinata are the Best
Ino Uzumaki
I say tsunade is good but i prefer ino :)
Ino Uzumaki
@Harem King69 even if i prefer tsunade i think she is really a hot woman too and she deserve some new actions too 👍
Harem King69
@Ino Uzumaki us ino lovers should stick together. And what do you think about mei Terumi?
Ino Uzumaki
@Harem King69 you are amazing 💗 im so glad you love ino-chan too 😊 and yes i hope naruhodo will make more doujinshi for ino. It would be awesome
Harem King69
@Ino Uzumaki, ikr ino and mei Terumi should join the island. I seriously wish naruhodo realizes our dreams. Ino looks seriously hot damn it
Ino Uzumaki
I agreed with you @Harem King69, at this point it would be awesone watch another chapter with all those kunoichi get pregnant and give birth to zetsu babys because it start to became a little boring watch only creampie without impregnation. Just how much are theyr chakra controll so strong for dispel all zetsu cum all times? Oh well and yes i would love watch ino joined on that island and make fun with naruto too :)
Harem King69
Naruhodo should make one last continuation with this series where these kunoichi actually get pregnant. Up until now its just been sperms entering the womb. And also I feel more jungle series would be amazing at this point. And I guess a bit more emphasis on the other kunoichi could also be great
Ino Uzumaki
We know that tsunade-sama
Ino Uzumaki
I agreed with you @Lyfe Ecchi :) and... @Hinata Hyuga... The true queen is Tsunade xD you me and sakura are the princess
Lyfe Ecchi
I agree, I really wanna see more of Ino in action, definitely with multiple Zetsus, or bandits
Ino Uzumaki
Nope Ino-chan is the best 😝😝😝
Ino Uzumaki
This story is not so bad after all xD i think is really hot and i like watch zetsu have some fun with sexiest kunoichi of Konoha for get rebirth zetsu army in the hottest way 💖
I just want this story to finish so we can move on from this played-out shit
Ino Uzumaki
Naa i think Shippuden is the better version of naruto world so is better watch this 💖💖💖
Glad to see I'm not the only one tired of this story at this point. And yea I remember them breaking out before. Getting old now
Naruho should move on to Boruto stories. But I still like this type.
Is this the Bad scenario cause I thought Naruto broke out & kicked their ass in one continuity?
Ino Uzumaki
Awesome doujinshi but... i hope to watch more Ino action next time....we need more doujinshi for her
Make one Of Shizune only already,getting tired of Sakura and Tsunade always ending up in the Same lame ass situation, Want one Of Only SHIZUNE NOW Pls.
naruhodo stop with the ntr already
This series has technically ended already in Tsunade's Lewd Prison 2. I think these are just like alternate endings that the author wanted to come up with?
Okay, so the fuck happened to Naruto? Did he just leave or some shit?
I will wait for the full color
I hunt down NTR faggots
Hands in the air !! You bloody NTR arseholes. Time purge these heretics !
do more jungle series. and make the next one with them finding hinata. and then in more of the manga make ino ten ten timari and the big titted could ninja girl and the cloud ninja red head girl all wash up on shore and join them.
Yo I asked them about somthing other than zetsu their pixiv page and almost got destroyed by a legion of retards trying to defend this played out series
naruhodo has really hit rock bottom the same disgusting boring shit over and over with this terrible zetsu prison series what a fucking joke
Yo stop disrespecting Shizune and make a whole series about her damnn
Honestly, this whole Zetsu thing does seem played out at this point. If another one gets released, cool. But going back to Naruto wouldn't hurt either. Either way, fap material.
Hinata's Right Tit
Naruho is still going with this story? Can we get some of the Jungle stories?