[Pecan (Makunouchi)] Femdom Taiikusai | Femdom Festival [English] [Tigoris Translates]

[ピーカン (幕野内)] フェムダム体育祭 [英訳]

Artists: makunouchi (39)
Groups: pecan (39)
Categories: doujinshi (163,427)
12 pages

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.... Ich kann nur sagen: Gott sei Dank sind Frauen keine so hoffnungslosen perversen Sadisten... (Das selbe gilt für Männer)
"Hurry and get to the goal or your balls are going to be useless!" Far too late for that!
Now this is what I call fucking disgusting.
I love how it’s starting to get predictable which hentais get triggered guys in the comment section.
Oh fuck no wtf is this shit smh what has the femdom tag become with this artist
I came up with a similar game with batons (with girls because one more docking point makes sense for passing). It's surprising to see something like that here, especially since I scrapped it for how stupid and comical it turned out to be.