[Hitodenashi (Take)] Little Red [Digital]

[ひとでなし (タケ)] Little Red [DL版]

Artists: take (149)
Groups: hitodenashi (8)
Languages: japanese (160,567)
Categories: doujinshi (179,815)
44 pages

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Dufixu Onsfos
i wouldn't like to get raped by a furry either
P36: shine!! Kakyoin!! P37: nope
Red's got some Deadpool level regen abilities, nice. Also the big bad wolf monster really bitched out in the end trying to crawl away like a sissy, Red had bigger balls then him at least she tried to go for a weapon when she was originally down (got an arm broken for the trouble but she sure as hell didn't try and flee). Speaking of which, her regen is shown to be pretty fast, so she could have fixed her arm a lot sooner, she just let whole rape and tear apart thing go down by choice to give herself perfect opening, thats hardcore.
This was actually interesting, potential for a long dark interesting story is high.
Getting some real strong rwby vibes
Shiro Kizu
When you're eating so much cookie in real world that you become an immortal
man... I didn´´'t knew ruby rose was immortal
Zesty Shrimp
When you miss the guro tag, because Red riding is life, and next thing you know bitch is split in half. XD