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Fun text-based game if you're waiting on new hentai ;) <3 https://www.avabur.com/?ref=7864
Good hentai. your mother will die in her sleep tonight if you dont join this discord Invite code: NC2msJw
FBI open up!! Me: oh shit! I don't know how i found this, i swear!! Them: shut up and get your ass on the ground!! Me: noo!!!
I sit in my room and realized I’m fapping to little girls getting raped and I found out I’m fine with it God has abandoned us
i come,and i cum
Not my proudest fap,but also not the worst
I prefer my Lolis to be smexed gently
You know I'm in for some fucked up, kinky shit. And yes of course one enjoys lolicon. But lets be honest with this one. This shit is way to close to reality. Like waaaay to close. The drugging one... Typical stuff you can probably see in japans red light districts'. The abusive teacher not too far fetched. And so on. One does not really give a fuck if it's rape or rough sensual intimacy. But if it gets to real... Fuck nooo. I was confused here its drawn greatly and has wonderful interaction but the realism of the problems were to much.
Mha hart... Mah sole ;-; Had to quit @ the drug one. Fuck that shit, I need me some more toned-down abuse. kratos1017, you're a preacher of wisdom. Loli cries < loli smiles
Congratulations!If you're reading this, you'reon an FBI watchlist now!
This so wonderful, wish I had my own Niece to make her in to a sex slave.
This is some sick shit yall lmao, I can't even imagine the kind of fucked up mind to come up with this shit.
Wonder where they sell the top she's wearing on pg77..........
Ain't fan of loli hentai.
Lolis need tender loving not raep.
This was absolutely wonderful. Wish more of them ended in pregnancy. And they ended just as they were getting good, most of the time. :( But otherwise, wonderful, yeah.
At least with enough luck stats, I can bribe the police.
Cops just came in, I'll be going away for a long time...
I liked it ! I mean some good shit! And artwork is neatly done too!
This was awesome, best manga I've fapped to so far this year.
This is not ok. I can hear the sirens from here
I made it to page 11 before I realised I'm not a pedo and this is a pedo hentai
that clothing aesthetic freaks me out
thought it was noise at first......still nice tho
@SatoNargerame Just use "Home" and "End" in the keyboard, it saves a lot of time.
Some of these Loooooong pages need a "back to top" button any one else in favour please say AYE!
Why haven't the other two tankoubons by this creator been translated yet? Do it for great justice!