[SexyTurkey] Souki no Saya | The Princess's Sheath (Seigi no Heroine Kangoku File DX Vol. 8) [English] [Zero Translations]

[すたーきー] 双姫の鞘 (正義のヒロイン姦獄ファイルDX Vol.8) [英訳]

Artists: sexyturkey (74)
Categories: manga (61,067)
23 pages

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I lay down my trap card!!!
Oooooh damn, this shit is soo good
Kinda feels like Trap using Ass on half futa to make full futa. Fun stuff.
And the crossdressing on this could be better
As much as I love futa/dickgirl on male. I have mixed feelings on this 1. The story made no sense. If you made a potion that could grow a dick why waste it on a chick when u can use it on ur seilf when ur Dick got cut off unless it does not work on men but on women instead. Or he used it on himseilf and then used it on her to deny her. Her gender like she did with him when she cut his dick off. There's not enough story to make sense of this
sexyturkey did it again another amazing futa on male manga
so...she cut off his dick, and his revenge was to have her grow one and bang her brother and take over their job so they could have sex all day. I have to say, this is probably one of the kindest "revenge" stories I've read on here.
I Crave Death!
@invisible cock 69 if you search by a tag you want accuracy, you don't want the tag to end up meaningless like the dilf one.
invisible cock 69
why you give a sh#t to the tags just read and fap Bros @_@
Usually I prefer it the other way around but. I guess this is okay too
Yeah, it's a common mistake, dickgirls are essentially shemales, they don't have pussy.
I Crave Death!
Not a fan of the switch from futa to dickgirl
is this an artist collab cos those weiners looks like they are from another world
I don't see the Futaknight seal of approval.
philip iv, dickgirl == futanari "dickgirl on male" means the futa fucks a guy
I wouldn't mind if they had shown the boy getting mind broken by those guys aswell.
not my cup of tea but still hot
Philip IV
Who is tagging these things?? This is futanari. Not dickgirl. Get it together.
Didn't like the male on female because i came for futa!!! That is all......
Happy end. Fuck that rape though.