[GreenHouse (Uno Ryoku)] Cut♂Cat♀ ~TSF~ [Digital]

[ぐりいん野はうす (温野りょく)] カット♂キャット♀~TSF~ [DL版]

Artists: uno ryoku (10)
Groups: greenhouse (4)
Languages: japanese (150,094)
Categories: doujinshi (164,962)
24 pages

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I wish i could turn into a cute loli cat girl as well just by getting dumped by my crush, feeding a cat and getting drunk.
The guy turns into the catgirl after he passes out; the guy she fucks is his?her senpai. She doesn't turn back afterwards, saying "It wasn't a dream?"
wait... she guy s depressed and gets to fuck a cat which he turns into after he fucked the cat? what?