(C86) [Temparing (Tokimachi Eisei)] Gyakushuu! Otoko no Maron 2 (Super Danganronpa 2) [English] [PhantomsJoker]

(C86) [テンパりんぐ (トキマチ☆エイセイ)] ぎゃくしゅう!おとこのマロン2 (スーパーダンガンロンパ2) [英訳]

Parodies: danganronpa (379)
Groups: temparing (83)
Categories: doujinshi (165,249)
34 pages

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Alexios Komnenos
saionji is so cute! I want to be violated by a loli dom as well!
Aw yes Hiyoko, I'll miss her :(
Someone could make up a giant "what if" from here
Ahhh wtf cliffhanger?! Noooooo!!!!
Ibuki Mioda
Soda always gets in bad situations -.-
It's another Tokimachi Eisei doujin, which means it'll take a while before I'm done with the editing and such. And yes, it's a futanari.
Himiko 1998
We need more of Hiyoko i love seeing her in this kind of stuff. She should be taller next time
Wait, which Tenko one? One of the futa ones or the one that’s already been translated? Or is there a secret fourth one I haven’t seen yet?
You guys are welcome. I mentioned this on E-Hentai as well, but I'll be working on the Tenko one next. Expect that relatively soon-ish, I've got most transcripts finished, just gotta do the rest and put the text in!
Asaki Rotenone
Wow the translator has good taste in profile pics I just got P5 today only to find this translated thank you Phantom Protag.
nearly satisfied my loli urge in a legal way. Nearly.
At last, thank you whoever worked on translations Hiyoko best girl