[Hiroshiki] What Happened When a Virgin Went To a Sex Bar With His Little Sister kek (Hatsujou Carnival) [English] [EHCOVE] [Digital]

[宏式] 童貞の俺が妹とHなバーに行った結果www (発情カーニバル) [英訳] [DL版]

Artists: hiroshiki (77)
Categories: manga (61,266)
26 pages

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Thanks guys for pointing out that there's no incest, was already carefull because it's not sole male... you saved me a bad read (^.^)/
@ jax277: I noticed it too. Creator totally trolled incest fans. (It's okay, the siblings are still enjoying their time together!)
"Kek" I'm not the only one that spotted that right?
Crushing my dreams for incest :(
Philip IV
Here I was thinking that I was gonna read some nice incest and now I have to give another tirade about the retards tagging this shit. This clearly isn't deserving of the "sister" tag so don't deceive me with it.
I thought this was a refreshing bro/sis hentai. Nobody got screwed over and everyone enjoyed the sex. @Pentagram Industries: Incest is still a taboo.
@Nachipocos well it's intentional partner swapping for fun. I'd think a cuck would just sit there and cry as he watched but these people are just having some fun. I'd say it's a question of consenting to and being a part of the situation as opposed to being the door mat.
Is it still cucking if they watch you do it too?
I was expecting a 1-page illustration or just a dialogue at the end about him started on having a fuck fest with her sister everytime on their home.
Pentagram Industries
If this was an incest doujin she would have been a little more pure than this so if I had to choose between seeing her fuck her brother and stay sane or become a thot, I'll definitely choose the former
It's like buying a cake and not eating it.
Asking for incest? Where are we, Alabama?
what is wrong with you ppl, and what pisses me off the most is that in the beginning i had that same train of thought "soooooo they not gon fuck too" but i snapped out it real quick
@Iexpectedbetter I know, smh -.-
Not fucking his sister that author really fucked up.