[Hiroshiki] Tsugunaihime | Atonement Princess (Renai Yuugu) [English] {Hennojin}

[宏式] 償い姫 (恋愛遊愚) [英訳]

Artists: hiroshiki (77)
Categories: manga (61,370)
21 pages

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I want a part 2 of this
anybody that actually thinks that she deserved it can go get tossed in to where she was tossed in the last picture. and if it was her that wrote those "tweets". they are accurate those trio fucktards are discusting and she knew it from the start. aand the author for this is really fucked up
Why do fucked up shit like this turn me on....?
Guys this is messed up ok ive seen some coments justifying this and that is retarded and the work of neckbeard virgins
@ Eddd19: a part two like that would work very well, IMHO.
That's really fucked up, would love to see a part 2 when the guys realize she was telling the truth, but is already broken.
lucky pervert
Don't mess with the otaku trio, or you will get fucked
@alonerone https://pics.me.me/congratulations-you-took-the-joke-too-far-quickmeme-com-28527152.png
@metroid and here I am self-proclaiming otaku because I love games and anime more than anything. I didnt know that I'm a virgin rapist....
They are otakus not nerds and all otakus are rapists, it's a scientific hentai fact.
That Guy 319
honestly, this would've been better if it was a bit more realistic...the nerds make a complete 180 in personality which kind ruins it for me...seeing how they're supposed to be timid and awkward...like in the beginning.
Ah and for the guys that are getting all conspiracy theory here... this is a oneshot, this is a classic "red pill diva destruction" in wich some "nice guys" thanks to the anger of being fooled and used by a woman awake to be "chads" (assholes) and do some fucked up revenge rape on the girl, thats it. She did do those things, she wrote those tweets and she had a bf wich whom she had regular sex (still didn't deserve to be raped though haha)
Guys come on this is fucked up ahaha i can get behind some light rape/mindbrake/netorare (of course me being the guy stealing the gf/wife) but that never happens here just rape. Last time i checked being a bitch wasn't a crime worthy of rape haha if those guys would've just igored her and leave her alone and unprotected, and find a way for her bf to break up with her the other jeaoulous girls would bully her to the infinity and beyond resulting in her having nobody and happy end.
reading this three times now i really don't think she did any that and was actually telling the truth.
I just had a vague dream, about a mother-daughter elf that was sold into slavery and was fucked in front of the father elf every day while the father elf worked to pay off a certain dept he owes. So... was it ntr or not? I can't really tell cause my link to that "dream" was cut when I woke up.
Fuck whoever tagged this ntr. This is straight up rape and nothing else.
The best reaction could've been beating the girl or stopping from following her, raping her because your feelings hurts isn't a reasonable reaction.
And you know rage leads you to make stupid decisions. But if I had been them I would have just beat her ass out of rage
@johnsmith-909-2 your probably right but this could happen in real life cause think of it like this your three guys who haven't really done anything to the girl and treat her nice and the girl treats you nice until you see her posts and then realize every nice thing she has ever said to you was a lie and the way she treats you is a lie that has to bring in rage in massive amounts so they think of thee worst thing to do her because possibly their trust for the majority of people is broken
It also looked as if there was some blood (dark stuff with cum, but could be a shadow) at the first guys penetration.
@johnsmith-909-2 after rereading it you’re probably correct
She never admits to having a boyfriend or posting those comments. I know I'm way overthinking this hentai but I think the girls you see on the first page set up a fake account and made those posts. The "boyfriend's" relationship to Hime is actually some innocuous and innocent thing. She's actually telling the truth the whole time. When she cries at the end, it's not just because she thinks her suffering is over but also because she's tragically thinking that she can regain the boys trust and eventually be friends again. It just seems like, if she really did think of them as maggots, wouldn't she have started screaming that at them at some point? Yeah, I know, "it's just hentai, dude, don't overthink it" but still I just can't seem to help reading this as a tragic misunderstanding Bad End.
Alright as far as hentai goes I'm fine with everything but that ending. That ending is WAY TO FAR.
pg7 the panel in the left corner.......i think she wasn't lying, that being said she didn't deserve that kind of ending, the only upside is the garter belt........hooooooo that was sexy af
Dont mind me. Imma just read this shit of a manga here without reading the comments.
Dont mind me. Imma just read the comments here without reading this shit of a manga.
Lmao that’s crueler than the Gravewalker shaming Bruz the Chopper into insanity, why’d it end there tho
Regardless of whether she deserved it or not... what's up with these otakus knowing a junkie that's looking for a girl?
She didn't deserved even the first rape, but this is hentai. I always wonder if some people who read doujins regularly end thinking rape is a good punishment in real life. There has to be some real fucked up people out there.
you have to admit, the end was pretty fucked up. whether she betrayed them or not, she didnt deserve all that
lol you white knights. She's a fucking backstabbing bitch and she deserves what happened.
Hope to see a continuation on what happens to her inside
sweet Jinkies that was awful. kinda feel bad for the poor girl
Jeez. That's pretty fucked up.