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[Cheese Company (Peso)] Tora ga Nezumi ni Kateru Wake ga Nai!! (Touhou Project) [English] {} [Digital]

[チーズカンパニー (ペソ)] 寅が子に勝てるわけがない!! (東方Project) [英訳] [DL版]

Artists: peso (24)
Categories: doujinshi (165,796)
17 pages

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There are no girls aith dicks just guys with tits. Sorry lezbians but ur growing a dick fantasy is gay and will never happen bia-tch
Her tail looks like a turd
I kinda want a part 2 I could see them really bonding
bitches be completely savage n ruthless when they first grew a dick, damn chill bitch
Thats just perfect, "I grew a dick, so excuse me..." *Proceeds to rape* 💕