(C93) [Entelekheia (Chirumakuro)] KEKKONN ZURI-ZURI (Azur Lane) [English] [Manab&]

(C93) [エンテレケイア (ちるまくろ)] KEKKONN ZURI-ZURI (アズールレーン) [英訳]

Parodies: azur lane (299)
Characters: illustrious (30)
Artists: chirumakuro (49)
Categories: doujinshi (160,644)
29 pages

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she got big tits, i wouldn't call that "thicc" but she is hot tho, especially with those kneesocks
I saw her tits and I immediatly favorited
The Great Leader
i think she's too heavy on top and i think it's not a good thing in heavy sea