[Crimson] Kuppuku Saserareta Hime Butouka (Dragon Quest XI) [English] [N04h] [Digital]

[クリムゾン] 屈服させられた姫武闘家 (ドラゴンクエストXI) [英訳] [DL版]

Characters: martina (162)
Artists: crimson (690)
Categories: doujinshi (204,117)
54 pages

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Semi-Immortal Cat, Akumu
Woah she was actually saved, albeit after 2 weeks but still she was saved. Of course she is still marked by IT. ~ Akumu, The Semi-Immortal Cat
look at that, Crimson drew a female MC with a different face for once.
censorship made it trash or at least it's quality isn't as high as it should be
Oh YEEEEEAAAAAHHH !! BEEN waiting for this one such ART & plot & some are COLOURED​ TOO !! 😍
Anthony Fantano
i'm feeling a light 6/10 on this one