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The Ahegao God
Slutty thots in their natural habitat. 🤷🏽‍♂️. Side Note : page 199 seemed kinda dark.
The plot(stories) suck, but not the scene 👍
I'm masturbating to this while I'm sick,what the hell am I doing with my life
Fucking garage wouldn’t even wipe my ass with this
I love the art style of the girls. I also accepted that Ugly Bastards look sick af. But these kind of ugly bastard is in a whole another level. 6/10
goodstuff but image quality too low, translate group cant find better raw?! but HQ raw of this tank is everywhere
Art and stories are both shit quality
The first story was the best
great art except for the male protags faces... seriously could the artist spend more than 30 seconds on their faces? I understand that it has to be their style but still, it is like looking at the faces of transformers from the old ass cartoons.
it's 2018 I can't read 670px stuff wish they'd spent their time translating and typesetting some of the hoards of stuff that is .. not 670 px lmao
This is amazing and that artist art wow
Ntr my ass , just two of em are ntr , the rest are not
DILF with ugly bastard is piece of shit.
NTR (with ugly bastard especially) is piece of shit. I am very triggered right now and I want others to know. Hope you get triggered too and dont you dare comment on my tags, boi.
if you love vanilla and are reading this comment...lets just logically take a step back and give ntr fans (fags?) like me a day off. Thanks!
I think i found my favorite doujin.
Junko Affairs
"Suck sex" I see what you did there, hahahahahahahahahahaha comedy gold. Yeah. Not really.