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Welp, at least the father got a happy ending
@peef-spogdar Actually, if she has a child every 9 months on the dot, she could have 75 children in 56 years. But I think that there's some amount of time in between giving birth and when a woman is fertile again, so the time still probably doesn't check out. But generally, I do agree with you even though I don't come to hentai for internal consistency and a well thought out plot.
The more you think about it, the more the plot falls apart. How can she have had at least 75 children in 60 years? Doesnt she have babies/toddlers? Who's taking care of them? If the babies at the end are pure blood elves, won't it take them decades to be old enough to fuck? This guy's gonna be out of business in no time. Smh usually hentai plots are bulletproof.
This reminds me of my experiences in the FreeCities game
art is top tier but the story justifies the slow and painful genocide of humans a hundred times over. seriously at least make the rapists handsome.
Adam J Harper
@Zerobero12 You have a thot of instagram doing ahegao in your profile pic...... look at the mirror before calling anyone a "shame to humanity" "
Disgusting,people that fap into this is a shame to humanity
This is disgusting, but i fap anyway
Her pussy piercings look like Predator's mouth Lmao nasty
The Ahegao God
....... Everyday we stray further from God.
Ok everyone take a second look at the cover... Piercings outside clothes? Luckily no more in page 6 tho... (This happens when you watch hentai and think about life...)
This hentai is the definition of madness. Neromashin has surpassed Kazuhiro, shindol and asanagi. I love the fucked up creativity.
Holy fucking shit.This is fucked up. I admit,I jerked it off a little but then I snapped and my boner went down. Now whenever I even read this my dick always stays down. Man,Go to the church and pray man. This ain't it.This is a million percent,ain't it. That's it.I ain't nutting today.That's enough internet for today.
@Cobbly, it was a mix of a human and an elf, so the first child probably grew old and was cast away. I don't think anyone wants /real/ grandma pussy
I just have to ask, what happened to number 01?
Child Predator IRL
If ya'll fuckers cant stomach EVEN this then im fuckin satan because this is Vanilla AH for me
Corpse Thrust
If only it could've ended with the dad killing everything there
at least the elf guy got some action right? Shaua tho, she got warts and bumps in her pussy = aids, hiv and all other sexual diseases known to man. They all died
Sakie Vello
@STAYSALTY Jeez, cuckolds really are sensitive bitches aren't they?
This is aids... literal aids
I like how Shaua's pussy looks like the fucking blood starved beast from Bloodborne.
"Once you have taste of pussy, you'd fuck anything from your wife to your daughter." Page 28 Yup happens to all of us.
I like hentai because it allows for a range of different types of characters to interact in different plot lines and whatnot, so when I see something this asinine and ridiculous, its kind of....well, not a treat, its just interesting. I never popped a boner at any point in this story and after his daughter said she had given birth to over 70 children in a period of 60 years, it was just funny from then on. Then it was the wife and the ogre (with nails in its eyes?) and as soon as the guy started fucking his daughter out of anger, I stopped reading altogether.
ppl feeling bad for nutting to this kind of stuff always gives me a laugh
Please more Shaua comics lol
I always read this and it does the job. Am I scum....? Yes but I don't care. We're all scum
I looked at the comments and became glad that I wanked to the visuals and didn't read the story I read up until she said "father" and then I just kinda stopped reading and just looked at the pictures
The Ahegao God
HOLY FUCKING SHIT. The despair, horror, and NTR in this is very strong.
Art is phenomenal, but the story's so dark and morbid it kills my mood to fap. FeelsBadMan
so fucking crazy. I lose all my strength
I'm slowly losing my mind on this website holy fuck...
Anyone else genuinely here for/ interested in the plot? Lmao saw a sequel and was like damn the lore goes deep
I love diabeties inducing sugar vanilla but damn, I also love Ahegao. Damn. Im corrupted as fuck. I even started fapping to traps, I'm a lost cause now
T^T how can someone be hard after reading this?, i just wanna fap, this thing really over did, i curse myself for reading. I don't think my soul is still intact, sure it was tainted but now its broken.....
I'm happy it ended well for everyone lol
The deed is done but i hated it
O.o W T F.... My dick just took my balls and moved out. They got sick of this kind of shit.
My dick says yes but my heart screams with the agony of a thousand fathers...
I LOVE PAGE 9! Bottom right corner!
Wow 10\10 wish it was color
Miyashita Naomi
Wow, solid 8/10, would read again
Gods failure
Dude im going to church right now to make a confession, im already feeling bad for the padre.
This is so weird that I can't fap to this. Well this caused me to no longer read or watch porn again
So this is where PeaCh got the idea hmm
its good if people like him is gone from this website , beta will stay beta
One of the best hentai doujins that i ever read 👏
this made me feel like im going to hell
@green_land_ball Go suck a sjw dick you faggot bitch
Wow, I've always seen this everyday and now that I've read, wtf is this shit? This is so fucked up like damn fuck this shit, this was way more fucked up than most doujins I've read, so all of these are her daughters and also one trap like damn wtf?
At least he's gone(?). Moral of the story everyone: Don't be an asshole, let's all just jack-off in harmony 'kay?
@meth life fuck if I know there will always be something that offends people. Word of advice don't look in the comments.
meth life
Why everyone was so mad at this? This is just a drawing, they are not alive.....
In fact, I'm leaving for good. G.E Hentai is better managed them this. Your responses Will not be read. Please do not leave any, unless your salty. Goodbye forever (?)
@satoNargerame I don't have to meet another persons standard to be an ass. While I'm sure you mean well, I will speak how I want lest it intercede the law. Even if its unnecessarily long by your perspective, I leave it as it is with no regrets. Thank you for your fair input, though.
Salty that was just completely unnecessary, if your gonna be an ass at least make it short and sweet with a hint of class
@mike pence No, so asshats like you can bitch and moan. People who put themselves on a pedestal like you are the people that deserve to die. Learn to stay away from what you don't like or STFU, you self-centered douchebag. Btw, just like Iexpectedbetter, I won't be sticking around to see your response. I don't GAF what you think of me nor do I care about what you say because selfish pricks like you only care about your selves. I'll come back when you learn to respect others and stop being a cunt; in other words, never. Later loser. ;)
Joeseph Goebbels
Why do cucks get so asshurt they have to upload it twice? So they can kys again?
Elf rape/gangbang to the highest level,
@Awesomejack04 no one cares