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Espero que el pendejo, le mande a freír mondongo a esta mina! que se busque otra sería lo mas lógico, pero seguro que la mina lo va engañar o una vez mas, así va a ser. de eso estoy seguro, ahora no entiendo bien porque ella se deja manipular así, bueno a ver cuando va a subir el próximo capitulo, capaz sea el final
Looks like there is a bunch of psychopaths right here in the comment section. Insecure bitches projecting it irl. Imagine threatening to kill someone when all of these is a work of fiction.
Not even NTR. I feel that the main character here is the blonde and it should be netori instead. Technically rinka and Takashi were not even in a relationship. First come first serve dumb pathetic MC. Action speaks louder than words.
damn, this one hits me pretty hard
NTR used to piss me off so much. Then I realized that 9/10 the MC is a bitch cuck and he deserves it. Satisfy your woman ffs or gtfo. Rinka is pretty fine, you snooze you lose Takashi.
dương vật
man , if i was him i will go to the kitchen get a knife and slay them all before i kill myself . this shit is the reason we got further from god fk this shit , am out
https://jav.guru/39479 live action
Hey yamakumo Kill yourself you bastard
At this point if ever happen to me i already become hitler and start ww3 and genocide all people ,probably you know why hitler hate so much jews is because he get first heart broken from jews Girl and this an example of crazy heart broken hahah
man that's sad. I get it's the plot but damn don't cash a cheque on used goods dude.
What #Jabby Said ... Wow honestly how low can you go
if a girl u like is like that, just move on damn, shes not the only fish in the sea,
Fucked up , butt the guy is one those love her no mater what wimps , who ends up getting cheated cause she sees that as weakness.
The Ahegao God
That ending was so predictable but Savage as fuck.
The Ahegao God
Going through the comments always gives me a good laugh. But honestly they did this dude a favor. For the right dude (the Senpai) she'll happily be a thot. The Senpai proved to be the better man and no amount of "love" and "feelings" from the weak ass MC can ever amount to the Senpai emptying his balls inside his bitch.
That was the most pathetic cuck I've ever seen, man. Like wtf?
"I Love You Rinka" eww, get that shit out of my face. If you don't have any relationship in the first place you won't get cuck boi . Some people might say that I'm just salty , well I won't be salty if I haven't experienced this kind of shit . Though not the same as this story where the upperclassman stole your gf kind of bullshit .
Holy shit , I don't usually dislike NTR but what the fuck is this shit ? The MC was PATHETIC af . Garbage
When he said "Can you manager on your own" she misunderstood that she could cuck him lol 😁.
there is a 4th one called Closet ~Haha No Negai~ where he goes after the mother
this was pretty good. Although I wish there was an ntr where the cuck loses his shit and does something insane because it's always the same road and same ending every fucking time.
Loser mc had it coming, if you are dating a sex addict, give them the d or else they will find it elsewhere.
This whole stuff happened to me. I got played like a damn fiddle, even then I opened my heart to keep loving her but ultimately I got discarded straight to the face. I love NTR so much because it helps me understand in a twisted way of the many things that I got lied about. Scenarios, expressions, dialogue... it all adds up in my mind to recreate these events that crushed my life and crippled me emotionally forever. The girl eventually had her karma get to her and my life is pretty good right now. Sadly I could never get myself to get a girlfriend anymore. I've become a twisted person myself. I feel like I'd ruin someone's life by mistake if I get involved in a relationship. This series get to me so much, probably if we pair it with https://nhentai.net/g/127189/ that would give a nice example of some of the many ugly things that happened around me. Sometimes tears drop as I cum to these stories because it reminds me of a certain happiness I lack now. But even then, I've never hated her
I liked for what it is good ntr. Also I liked the story because doesnt follow your average plot. At first the villain corrupts her with drug lies ect but he tell mc that it's her true nature she just closet whore which seems like bs at the time. The mc wins her back and looks like happy disney end then bam plot twist she really is just a whore just like Villain warned him. Which I guess makes her the real main villain since she got back together with mc just to fuck with him.
Who ask himself to be so pussy. He actually can stop them from beginning after he heard drug . Good NTR .that half feeling in the end
If someone do this to me and I will show him how dark this world can be :')
It be like dat some time😞
Sequel please. I need a part where the MC stays with her but she constantly cheats right in front of him and knows he is watching. Give me that spicy part 3. ;)
This guy... I feel so bad about him... I hope he kills himself in that closet though... He sucks...
Did no one teach this "NICE GUY" cuck once you go chinky eyed mop head big dick you never go back?
Oh God I am so pissed ass Fuck!! It is so painful that I couldn't stop to curse her! I almost get caught by my sweetheart! I understand the netorare is one of the most exciting part but those that don't get trigger by it surely never have a girlfriend! It end up in hell it should have a gangbang scene then. Somehow that last panel of the girl remains me of Anemone from Eureka 7, maybe because she didn't give a shit about Dominic but end up loving him. Well, I like to imagine a version where that weak loser get to fuck at least the girl's mother! And I just can understand how in the world he couldn't fight back! The author truly want to break his mind and him the number 1 loser of all time! Thank God girl in real life are not that stupid, I can't understand how author could present girls like that! They watch to much porn? I know most pornstar do lewd stuff specially because money is on the table not just because they are lewd human!
Kill all cucks! Losers like this should should dissappear from this planet.
Dude like seriously, who fucks a pussy with cum still inside of it? she knew you were not a man in that moment, obviously you didn't satisfy the thot
One of the best ntr, if I were that guy, I would start fucking her mom
If I was him, I'd get my cuck ass out the closet and rip his fucking dick off. Shit like this is ridiculous, how does a guy get so scared to fight someone that's fuckin' his girl. Dude making the most dumbass decisions...
lol, he really just stay in the closet watching the slut get fucked, twice, he deserve all the shit thrown at him.
You know what I hate more than NTR? Alpha male wannabes' comments.
This artist draws the best hips, ass and asshole on the girl being fucked I've ever seen. The girl's tits and face on their own could make me cum too. But holy fuck does this cringe ntr kill my boner. Just give me a few pages in a row without the sad cuck's sad monologue or figure and let me see the alpha fuck the woman in peace.
Two things I don't understand why wasn't he having sex with her every day he knew how she was also why didn't he join in if it was me I jump out of the closet hard and ready to pound
sasake haise
What the fuck with mc,just find other girl bruh.fucking loser
you know, i think the long hair guy is the main character
God i swear netorare was a mistake, this is the most fucking awful doujin i have ever fcuking read. Overall its a 10/10 for netorare, he got cucked really hard.
Fucking cuck Takashi should've joined as a sex buddy not that love shit
Perfect NTR Doujinshi that fit my past, betrayed like this is hurt y know
God dayum this MC is a Pussy and deserves an ending like this.
I don't know what it is, but I find the girl incredibly attractive, but not the NTR story...
My cuck dead after reading these
This is one of the saddest and depressing hentai I've ever read. Its a shame. I really like the artstyle though
I like that they pretend it's gonna go well for a few pages before making it even more depressing. I love NTR.
LOL what’s funny is these type of dudes exist and they aren’t cucks just pathetically “in love”, positively unaware, and are only solely there for the whore emotionally 😂
@T H O T S L A Y E R Because you were sitting on them for the last hour dumbass
@otakubro69 Go fuck your vanilla self you vanillafag
Oh w8 I have a better solution!! Just win her back period.... oh and break the guy's balls and cut off his dick
"The only ones who get involved with him are either really stupid or slutty, right?" well she is pretty stupid so yeah... Just get a better girl at college or something, but first fuck the hell out of her first....then break her heart
is to hard for fapping using this, godamnit
Fuck fuck fucking fuck why can't i get a break all i wont is a few hentai where there's no sluts no rape no kids no monster no gad damn girls with dick all i want is some damn vanilla type shit but it feels like no one wants to make that shit fuuuuck
probably not only one of the best NTR but also the best h manga ever
I cant believe there no NTR tag @.@
@KingCuck and Those who are interested. " ((((Hitozuma Kyoushi NTR Shuugakuryokou: but too bad this one is still in jap.> https://nhentai.net/g/220904/))) " >> English translation here - (C93) [Arakureta Monotachi (Arakure)] Hitozuma Kyoushi NTR Shuugakuryokou | Wife Teacher NTR Field Trip [English] {Doujins.com}(C93) // [あらくれた者たち (あらくれ)] 人妻教師NTR修学旅行 [英訳] - https://nhentai.net/g/230071/ " Oh! and almost forgot this one!... @kuromoco https://nhentai.net/g/84157/ " >> This one got a Anime as well. Do a quick search with ' Unsweet: Netorare Ochita Onna-tachi '.
Boy am I retarded for not spotting the ntr tag. Now my dick is limp as a used condom
When a moron calls hentai a cartoon...
Revolver Cock
I waited till last page for ma men to pull out a revolver and go mayhem on that blonde guy. I was expecting a little more exageration since this is a cartoon
woah... This one hit pretty hard for once. Kinda reminds me of mashira-do works. Maybe it's cos the guy actually tried in this one or the girl didn't completely fall and still was of sound mind so she made choice completely on her own but the salt is kinda real in this one. Was hoping for a more bittersweet ending tho.
Really the only reason to hate shit like this so vehemently is if you yourself are a cuck, I love to jerk off to this shit, in the context that it would be hot to fuck some chick that has a loser boyfriend like that.
The only downside to this hentai is that the milf didnt get any action
That ass and pussy though!
$20 the cuck hung himself in the closet
That Guy 319
Same formula as always...dude becomes a cuck blah blah blah...boooooring.
This was really disappointing anyone has any ntr story where MC just move on from the girl instead of becoming a cuck
Hard ntr? Lol This is pretty mild ntr bitch
This is kind of hard NTR...
I mean it is ntr so I get it but that last scene where he askb"you think you can manage" she just straight and call the guy. Knowing full well he would see it I don't know I think she was being an asshole there.
Why am I seeing people complaining about cucks? This shit has an ntr tag. You vanilla fags should be happy, the girl still loves the childhood friend. It's all that matters. Love conquers all!
meth life
We need to find a new closet
@KingCuck more like this please
Its better if they have threesome
just keep her around for some pussy dude
If the guy just deadass jumped out the window this would have been infinitely better
Imma have to give this a Kill myself/ It’s midnight
@kingcuck what manga is in your profile?
I'll kill that asshole
I had to register just to comment... Exterminate all cucks, they don't deserve to breed. Holy shit, I'm so angry. He should've jumped out the window.
Buena historia, me encanta que le pasen esas cosas a protagonista como Takashi, se lo merece por cobarde, en vez de ponerle los puntos al Sempai, lo único que hace es refunfuñar por lo bajo y apretar su puño como si con eso fuese a cambiar algo. Y para rematar se arrastra tras alguien que claramente no lo aprecia.
Mild... it's to fucking mild...
Is there any NTR but with heroine like this? Just thinking about dick every time
Oh! and almost forgot this one!... @kuromoco https://nhentai.net/g/84157/
@kuromoco I forgot this one. Hinata NTRism: https://nhentai.net/g/177489/
@kuromoco Hope you survive the storm.Goodluck!
@kuromoco this is also a good one. Ajisai no Chiru Koro ni: https://nhentai.net/g/208223/
@kuromoco aya hey sensei: https://hentai.cafe/manga/read/aiya-hey-sensei/en/0/1/page/1
@kuromoco Junai Collapse: https://nhentai.net/g/218283/ ((((Hitozuma Kyoushi NTR Shuugakuryokou: but too bad this one is still in jap.> https://nhentai.net/g/220904/)))
Not sure if you've seen these already, but... here ya go @kuromoco Another World: https://nhentai.net/g/84230/ Touchuukasou 1: https://nhentai.net/g/225468/ Touchuukasou 2: https://nhentai.net/g/225467/ Marumi no Naisyo ❤: https://nhentai.net/g/127189/ Sunao ni Nareba: https://nhentai.net/g/145847/ .....If you want more just tell me.
Well its fucked up and that means its a good ntr i guess
someone could recommend me some other ntr?
eh no, this isnt reupload @scout assasin
Ahahaha. This is really suck but actually it is very fun. Hahaha lol.
Scout Assasin (Noirea)
ohh shit just reupload i think another chap
@gingerbread i agree with u , pretty decent NTR story but it lack alot of stuff
Lmao the guy was a dumbass he took her back after all that hentai rule#1- once the female has fallen into lust they will never come back to normal
Pretty crappy for an ntr story. It's like the author get lazy and could not find a way to break down the girl properly (hence the whole time skip). She ended up happily exploiting that senpai guy's body for sex and her childhood friend for the kink of it. Yay, feminism?
I enjoyed this one, NTR or not. Surprisingly that player guy was not only proactive but also got some solid practical advice. People like the mc think they'll get their dream girl with wishful thinking or that they're ''waiting for the one''. Plus that mc was low-key very judgemental too; no wonder he lost the girl.
I agree, when I just saw the pictures I was hoping it would be a bit more destructive as well. With just the raws it looked like she was still "struggling" until she cried to the mc but the first scene makes it look like she was a "closet" slut all along. (I guess that makes sense) *shrugs*
absolute garbage anybody that likes this should end their selfs
WOW a bit disapointed I was especting more destructive words from the girl xD
Crusty Crab
This guy needs to get himself a loyal one