(SC2018 Spring) [Suzushirodou (Suzushiro Nazuna)] RE:INCARNATION (Fate/Grand Order) [English] [Doujins.com]

(サンクリ2018 Spring) [蘿蔔堂 (蘿蔔なずな)] RE:INCARNATION (Fate/Grand Order) [英訳]

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And a lot of people are watching and because it is legal prosecution, nobody could jump in and save her. But that mercy is not true. Because she was already on the verge of squirting. It couldn't be stopped anymore. Now instead of 'just' dying she thinks she dies because of her own fault. And she dies in tears of sadness and tears of joy and is so despereate because she can't do anything in that situation. And that hair of her will be cut along with her head. And that man will rest in a dead, headless body. Then she awakes in the classroom, but it seems that her conciousness switched to that reality (don't know the story of fgo). And does she experience that over and over? Also 'witch' tag is missing.
This doesn't seem like a mere dream, since she is kinda unconscious in the stable and we see what that man thinks. She then gets bound and fucked and she gets bad cow milk. Not just milk or water, but Bad Cow Milk. Which makes it even harder to hold. And for how long does she have to hold it? Sooner or later it would leak, but before that, they get discovered by the woman. And so she has to be a witch and needs to die. She gets publicly humiliated and even gets nipple piercings (missing tag). Now instead of burning she gets into the guillotine so they can enjoy her more and she gets even more humiliated. Instead of getting killed instantly they enjoy her desperation. And she can't say anything at all in her defense with that gag in her mouth. And her hair already hangs into the bucket where her head will land. And that priest just stays there, doing nothing. And that last mercy was just to give her the fault of dying because now her life is in her 'hands'.
time to turn my self into soulless and save her from the eternal suffer
Shit killed my boner. I want to save her too even more now!
yo....why olga? she already got the rawest deal in grand order, now this?
Astolfo out of Nowhere xd