(C86) [F Taku (Anma)] Bukatsudou Shoujo Ryoujoku -Suieibu Hen- [English] =White Symphony=

(C86) [F宅 (安間)] 部活動少女陵辱-水泳部編- [英訳]

Artists: anma (60)
Groups: f taku (45)
Categories: doujinshi (172,173)
27 pages

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Its funny how I feel some Euphoria Vibe at the drowning part
Bit too much emphasis on the guys in the panels. Slightly disappointing, especially since I like artist and scenario.
Kinda reminds me of Euphoria. Euphoria had more focus on the drowning though. Although that was Euphoria.
Rookie mistake back when I swam was when i accidentally tried to breath but wave hit my face so I ended up snorting water so get rape by these faggots while holding your breath.... I hope these faggots die
Sandiego Uno
is being forced to drown counted as ryona