[Konezu] Ikenai Botebara Futeizuma | Unfaithful Pregnant Wife (Botebara Haramase Paradise) [English] {kuniumi}

[コネズ] イケないボテ腹不貞妻♡ (ボテ腹孕ませパラダイス♡) [英訳]

Categories: manga (63,218)
16 pages

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This wasn't full of despair, just cringe. MC should have dropped her for being an idiot.
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Look at all these confused faggot lmao. So dumb xD
@metroid You dumb motherfucking cunt...who told you Doujins can't be mangas smartass...Pray, define doujin?! And please read the comments carefully before opening your smelly mouth. I never stated this particular piece to be of NTR sub-genre, I meant it generally. On the side not this particular one comes with only cheating/adultery tag.
Confusing, is this good....or bad?...I mean her parents force her to marry someone she doesn't love so maybe it's okay if I...hmm?
@ zerorider11 MinatoAce this is not ntr and this is manga not doujin you retarded cocksucking inbred faggots
Scout Assasin (Noirea)
its not ntr. her parent forced maried without love
@憂鬱の騎士 Isn't that kinda obvious to everyone. Look at the hair color of the baby. You see NTR or NTRish mangas with similar 'Childbirth' ending always have the hair colour matching the lover.
That's what you get from Arranged Marriage...Cuck!
2nd to last/bottom comment @Pentagram industries damn your right my dude its her fault and to everyone else I dislike every character in this doujin
This is the way to avenge forced arranged marriage. Just keep coming her home, fuck her, make sure it's your own genetic baby, and let that pitiful husband works harder for your stolen family. After that, frame him that he looks like cheating, so your stolen wife can have a reason to divorce and come to you as happy family
Look at her lover on page 3 and then look at the baby face in the last page. They both have the marks in their face, suggesting that it's actually the lover's child.
i guess its better than ntr
I have mix feeling about this
@chrisstianlight4 that's true actually then again the fact there's is not a single mention that the woman father forced her to marry that employee so that's the question but then again as others said this was a vanilla trying too hard to be a NTR basically, it feels like the story in the beginning was vanilla then a 360 degree turn for some random event then it turned into cheating (rather than NTR).
It seems like i don't mind this one.....they both loved each other from the start so it was okay.....what i don't get is you could've declined the marriage offer,you dumb woman.....🤔🤔🤦🤦😂
Mike Pence
Cucks are too chicken to use the NTR tag now. Kill em all.
Crusty Crab
You should regret that you married her....lol wtf
alright, business owners like to keep the business in the family so a hardworking employee is a good option for marriage for there daughters, she had no choice but to marry the man, and it is a thing that happens in real life too
I have mixed feelings about this
Love her face when he's poking the baby.
No offense, that isn't an acceptable reason to marry a person you don't like, as if marrying into someone who works under your father's company. The story is extremely stupid, did the women and his boyfriend ever heard what is "no" and how it's used?
the last panel, why don't just slap the truth and reality in the face of the husband? she does not love him, right? i understand the whole part above, as i understand the culture, but the last panel... meh
literally cut the last page and the shitty premise and this'd be a fucking gift.
So any NTR hentai is made by inexperience Virgin author who have no idea what is luv
Dragon Ball fan
I get the impression the woman is a moron that did not learn to say 'no' to an undesired marriage proposal.
God was dead ALREADY 😂 we are just adding shit in his place even taking his name only for spouting for bad words 😛 no? Ask to Ur inner self !
yes this is right! if you're NTRed by another guy then u have to NTR him back! all hail author
Hentairino Kripperino
Everyday we stray further from god.
Guys don't be mad and confused, this is obviously the work of an artist who have never encountered love or seen someone cheat on other, a purist, a vanilla trying way to hard in creating a NTR doujin... in other words Art is good imagination is more dead than hittler
So.. she was madly in love with this guy, yet she accepted a random marriage proposal with an underling of her father, then she went on and committed repeated adultery and got pregnant with the guy who she's in love with.. But why, though? Just to screw that one random employee over? I'm seriously confused
...I kinda understand if she was forced by her father to marry that employee but there's not a single thing being mentioned that she was....that's how it should be the typical setting of a girl having a rich family or etc in anime.
Seriously bad premise to begin with.
just so stupid. give her a headshot.
i think i have a new fetish
that baby should have a huge dent in it's head
Pentagram Industries
Even if it's justified, it still don't feel right with me... I'll skip this one. @Iexpectedbetter: I know what you mean. The person who married her wasn't anyone important since she said he was an employee from her FATHER'S company so there was no way it was an arranged marriage between businesses meaning she could have turned him down. Don't know why though.
Because you cant just refuse a random marriage proposal right?