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Art sucks, he has konohamaru's backstory instead of his own (he resents Naruto because he's always so busy that he never spends time with him or the rest of the family, not that 'i wanna be me not the hokage's son' crap), and the translation is god awful. Not because of the words themselves, but because you can't seem to make up your god damn mind if you want this to be read left to right or right to left. There are clearly some panels that want it one way and other panels that want it the other way. And the art is just subpar. Shitty doujin.
Y can't Naruto use the pills tho?
Stupid... Why arent there normal ones of baruto
And then he killed his son The end
Lmao you guys are such haters. Story isn't the best but the art is not THAT bad. I for one am just glad to see more Hinata, I'm more of a vanilla guy though.
Art & Story are both garbage. Artist should hang himself.
Yay! I found another artist to blacklist.
Art sucks... story was overall good and erotic...
I love how it said he took pills
Okay this is much better than the one you recently made. 8. 5/10
Nice! Now all we need is MORE OF HANABI!!!
Why wasn't the ending like Naruto goes Bijuu mode and blastes boruto a Rasen Bijuudama in his Face
@I Just Came For Hentai. LMAO
I Just Came For Hentai.
I wanted Naruto to walk in and just Rasengan Boruto.
The art style IMO is quite average at a 7/10, the story and overall plot is quite erotic however and made me quite hard thinking about it, I sadly, however, am disappointed to say that there was no blowjob scene, I would've loved to seen Boruto throat-fuck his MILF mom Hinata but that never came to fruition, alas In this day and age we cannot expect the best of the best Boruto Incest comics so for now I'lll take what I can get. Overall I rate this an 8/10. Read it for the arousing premise rather than the plot and you will cum buckets.
Beautiful Art, don't hear the other bestard critics
That was great! I love the art.
Pfft.. Boruto's still pathetic...
This is why we cannot have nice things, fucking barry.
whoever did this, please never do it again, art sucks