[Merkonig] B-Trayal 6 (Fate/stay night) [English]

[Merkonig] B-Trayal 6 (Fate/stay night) [英語]

Artists: merkonig (4)
Languages: english (53,894)
Categories: doujinshi (174,442)
11 pages

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In addition to the not really great art the writing is bad. Not as in "porn has terrible writing", but as in the text bubbles are bad, the text doesn't always fit in the bubbles, the font is terrible, and it's Matou, not Matao.
I mean, it's not the worst out there... Still better than that asshole who draws a couple of poses, adds some texts, repeat the picture over and over and call it hentai. That's fucking laziness right there.
this one is trying hard