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Ear Rape / Stories Hungry
@devil_arm thanks for link. wonderful story T.T
The first chapter in this was never translated, at least that I could see. Parts 2, 3, and 4 were translated by Fakku (they labeled the second chapter as 1). I really wish the first one would get done by somebody, as its one of the best and sets the rest of them up.
NTR Trigger
@stangamer1996 Fakku's been releasing official licensed translated hentai, so there's probably that. Copyrights and all that. Diamond & Zirconia 1-4 has already been translated. They're still available elsewhere, but I doubt they'll allow to upload it on most readers, so it's best to google it or try devil_arm's link.
here's a link for those wanted to read the translated version, though it's seem to be incomplete https://hentai.cafe/?s=inue+shinsuke
ohh, deng it. oh well. Lets move on and find a better one. :3
Sandiego Uno
ohey it's that misleading princess story
I remember there is English ver of first arc (except chap 1) so why it was taken down?
NTR Trigger
@Dartricxz193 @verybigmelon Maybe they got taken down, Fakku had them if I remember correctly.
@verybigmelon its the same for me idk why i cant fiind it!
which one is the daughter story?
the first arc which is about the princess and the prostitute that look alike is named "diamond to zirconia"
I was quite sure there was an english for the story about the 2 princesses. I cant find it now for some reason