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female artist make the scariest shit
30 minutes of goblin rape with the clock stoped and these girls will have what they need...
Just get it over with and nuke the entire country to end this cruelty. Worry about the consequences later.
Of all of the stuff you've written I think this is my favorite. My only complaint is that the dildo thing doesn't go in far enough other than that I love it. Keep up the good work Tokuni.
Desu Ka
omg this author is a girl?! I'd be legit scared if we lived in the same city
makes me want to shoot this school up
✨ Arbour ✨
Imma be real chief, this aint it
oops you're not mom
It's was hot but unlikely. The ball crushing was unnecessary. The childhood friend fell to the dark side to easily.
When is part 2 coming out?
best girl 98
Why stomp on his balls man that's just tucked like I'm into a lot of stuff but ball stomping is to far
I just love when Girls are in control, so i enjoyed this
This is not how you break a slave. This is how you make them straight out commit suicide. There is no "training" here, only cruelty.
Why are there so many people saying that the author is a guy The author is a girl
Personally this kinda shit is my jam, but y'all need to read the tags better. If you don't like cbt, don't read cbt, dumbasses. Also, why is everyone blaming the tl?
Hot. You guys are way too sensitive, this wasn't extreme at all. Cute shotas too.
yeti girl lover
This make me sick How could someone get of to this short of thing?
.... This makes me feel sick... Urgs... What the fuck... Thit the autor even think for one moment what he is doing there...
Those guys are pussys it a bullet to the head its quick its not like she was gonna cut your dick off and let you bleed out and im not gay I just like how sick and twisted these girls are but hey if it makes me cum it makes me cum I can cum to anything if its hentai or doujinshi if thats what this is called I don't care if someone is fucking a corpse if its drawn I can cum to it its all about how you think im weird but you are too ;)
I feel so bad for the boys and I want to punch the girls.
Wow, life isn't worth living
Almost full color! Thanks!
@losthentay where you at?
@1handfap naw man im a sadist and i like this crap , not a masochist and it still works
@dorofinu is there a hentai about 9/11
If u liking this and a male then you're a masochist.. not sadist silly
Ah This Is Good Shit 10/10 Would Read Again It's So Damn Gud The Punishments, The Tears, It's Made Me Tear Up A Little It's too Good ( I Probably Like This Since I Am A Bit Of A Sadist Myself And A Big Fan Of BDSM And Also A Fan Of RAPE)
@Swagabum damn son, for someone with a Chuck Norris avatar you're a real sensitive little flower
The author must hate men or just really sadistic... though if thats what float his boat then ill let him be.... though dude... dont play with the balls... just dont
An open letter for @dorofinu You're gonna pay for my brain surgery you sick minded ass
yeah this guys work is more in the line of watching a train wreck. It's horrible but you can't just look away. However, it isn't fapable as his work is all stick and no carrot so to speak.
I don't know what tag to block to never see this shit again but to also not interfere with my lovely loli girls. I'm going to just cry for a bit.
@Dorofinu wtf this is amazing
「Islam Mind Control」
Why are y'all giving Doro all this shit lmao he wasn't even the guy who drew this he's just tryna do his job and get paid
Soooo, did someone really enjoy it? I didnt.
Damn dem hate comments tho. Luckily tears from butthurt vanilla fags makes for some great lube.
Yo dorufinu, you never fail to impress with these great translations. Keep it up dude
I think i just committed severe self harm by forcing myself to read this. @Dorufinu - drink bleach or something mate, you have something really fucked up in your head, far worse than me.
Well time to shoot up the school.
This is the type of shit that Iexpectedbetter fantasizes himself being in.
No, you are the most scum of the earth! You fucking bitch!
A rebelion is the less of your problems ma'am!!! how good it's not on me, i could kill her even if it cost my life! that's what happens when a T H O T have power!!!
@minlars Tokuni gave me the textless bubble version a few days before it came out on DLsite japan, which is why I got a head start! IT still took me about a week to do all the translation and typesetting.
scum of the earth
My ass hurts even reading this
I wish they do this to the ntr guys .So now I can fucking really enjoy it😈😈😈😈😈😈😈.
Your translation is so fast! I intended not to read hentai but I come back because of this. Tokuni created a long story without guro make me surprise!! i dont like guro but the characters are so cute, so i still read them and at the end of the story i feel really bad
It's kinda sad when they're unwilling to do. I don't like rape after all. But still so much fun I favorited.
@Dorafina What goes through your sick fucking mind?
@Dorofinu yeah support him just by Downloading this for fREE thanks for uploading
This is why we have guns in america
Hi, I'm the translator. The artist has been very helpful by allowing this translation to be made, and providing the empty-bubbles version so my typesetting would be even easier. Please support him if you can, and feel free to follow me on Twitter!
Would be cool to see a girl version of this as well. Maybe an uprising or something
Feminists must be proud of this
god fear his creation