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Neko luv uuuu
If u think this is dark check out majo no rakujitsu u'll enjoy that even more ☺
So much anal and rape I love it! and the girls don't have obsessively large tits nice job on that
Great oyster for sure. One of her darkest works yet. These sadistic fuckers make Mr. mob boss and his gang from her earlier works look tame in comparison.
Oyster is woman you retarded faggots
Aah, everybody love this author is motherfcker as well..
Man oyster always the same shit over and over again its getting boring uknow
Tsardom of K
they are already in hell, i mean all of them
super unlucky when one of the girls tried to jump and survive... super unlucky that gangster girl didn't bring a real sword and maybe a gun and a grenade for suicide... well for the guys who got everyone other than father of one of the girls had no instinct at all... honestly not single sane person... seriously scary
Can someone be a hero to save them??
When I read stuff like this I really really really hope that hell is as bad as it is described so that the kind of people like the ones in this work, can suffer indescribable agony while they wallow in regret for their actions.
hee you need to be sick to enjoy this kind of doujin but whatever, i read oyster to see this interesting hell he gives every release
oysters works are the best.
Damn it OYESTER ... As expected from his works .... ...
I.....need to go take a shower
Finally some real rape.been waiting months for a new oyster manga.
Hey, i was waiting for this translation, and for me, this is a classic oyster work. Nothing more, nothing less
If just the girls that are being raped enjoyed those cocks more, it would've made this doujin a masterpiece, the way it is it looks sick as fk, i'm not a fan of rape material when the girl doesn't ultimately enjoys it (a lot) in the end.
And super over the top stuff like the end...just a damn shame. So much potential, wasted.
It’s always a shame when solid rape doujins like this have lackluster art and ruin themselves with fat, old men and bestiality. There haven’t been good rape doujins in like half a year, makes me sad :(
damn oyster..always too much for me to handle ahah