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It was great until the gangbang part and the fact that she was married
@ HotSexPoket Ntr is an acronym used for netorare, netori and netorase you retarded cocksucking inbred faggot. This is netorare through and through so learn what netorare and netori mean before you spew more bullshit from the shithole you call mouth you son of rotten cunt. Last but not least this is manga not doujin learn the difference you halfwit faggot
This doujin is amazing. Cheating yes. Netori absolutely. Ntr? Not in the slightest. When will we get a netori tag?
Vanillafags need to go back to their wives and stop pestering us when trying to masturbate Love has no place in porn Face it you fucking soyboys
10/10 takatsu never disappoints
fucking awesome! Gonna keep[ my eyes out for more chapters.
Crusty Crab
It would have been better if that guy was atleast a high schooler. Way young male partner doesn't seem appealing.
i'm glad that master piece work of his , dear maid , didn't turn out to be garbage like this one
Cucks are dangerous species
😐😐😐 I'm done for today.. and @ Junko Affairs plz if he gonna make him a request make him do a tentacled one from me as well. 😂
@Junko Affairs Well, you could commission him to make you something like what you want. Not like we're restricted into doing so, right?
@Junko Affairs TOO BAAD
Junko Affairs
I like this artist cause he has this rounded artstyle that always catches my eye. Just wish he wouldnt draw so much shota shit, makes me fucking feel uncomfortable reading it
@Mike Pence How'd you get here without your wife's permission?
2nd to remind every cuck to kys
Joeseph Goebbels
1st for reminding cucks to kys.