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oops you're not mom
1. I wanna complain about abuse but he enjoys it and they don't actually say bad things about him. Well maybe things like "aren't you embarrassed cumming in front of your daughter ?" but that's like standard pillow talk in S&M. And he also proactively starts it by sucking the strap on rather than it being shoved in the face being forced to "take it like a champ". 2. He has a daughter so he does have normal sex frequent enough for that to happen. Probably doesn't fucks the daughter though. 3. Despite how both the daughter or mother word it they actually ask for confirmation whether "he's ready" or "is this fine?" before actually doing it and not just asking out of convenience but actually looking for confirmation.
That's a lovely family, i would love to have a wife and a daughter like them
That girls future boyfriend is Fucked literally.
If only i could have a family like that. Beautiful wife and daugher raping my ass together... yume mitai na kankei...
naburi is a classic! much appreciated sequel
omg continue of naburi after 4 years!
Loli Lives Matter
Dude... This is hot AF, can't wait for the translation...