[JM] Imperial Female Prison Academy [English]

[JM] 国京女子監禁学園 [英訳]

Parodies: original (3,313)
Artists: jm (4)
Categories: doujinshi (179,381)
23 pages

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Tl; dr I like this not because I like subjugating women or depriving them of equal rights but dystopian novels rather fascinate me.
Tbh, this is such an interesting concept and needs to have a sequel. The artist explains each segment of this dystopian world (or utopian for some) with such detail and visually appealing diagrams. I like how the author throws in some historical inspiration, like the swastika and the Chinese foot binding, truly fitting for this type of work. This is such an interesting concept and I'm somewhat dissapointed that it's only 23 pages because this really is a unique experience. This is one of the works that are kinda lacking in this site. I can see why most people don't really like this sort of thing, but I digress. This is an adult site with a bunch of variety and kink and this is only one of the few works which also encompasses such absorbing and fascinating pieces. I couldn't bring myself to nut actually even though the art is usually arousing, but I was just so engrossed in the story I didn't bother jerking off to it.
I wonder if the girl in the right of the torture class was alive or if that's just a mannequin
This is disgusting. Not only that, but likely among the most fucked up things festering within the dark crevices of this website. Not the worst, but certainly close to it.
I scrolled directly to the comments as I got this number from a meme on r/animemes. I am scared
cant fap with just 23 pages.
Wait, is this a realistic art piece or photo shoot?
Shoutacon Shogun
I'm not a big fan of the more realistic art, but it's still pretty nice.
Excuse me what tf did i just see?
this raises more questions than dicks
Confused Boner Activated..... Interesting approach.....
remember what the author says in the last page guys, RESPEK WAMEN
I in love with this hope u make more
Blacklist does exist and probably guro and amputee tags should be main priorities for most, i have furry blacklisted
and then at the end "treat women with love and respect"
The art is great, good job!
I can like.. fucking feel the pain of what's going in my mind to my own body and I wanna go kill myself over this
that last fucking quote straight up gave me serial killer vibes bruhhhhhhh
you know the artist's a madman when he explains every single one of his fucking weird contraptions and has an background story to it
Every day we stray further from God.
I cannot believe how fucked up that was. I was hoping for S&M but that was just like straight up horror.
Crusty Crab
I didn't see the tags like I always do.... Lol. I should learn at this point.
What the fuck is this garbage.
I am speechless how fucked up what I just saw.
it always pisses me off when I see shit like this translated and then see all the good stuff laying around that's never been touched. To each their own I guess.
ok, time for my hamster has an adventure.
One of my favorite artists.
Yooooo.... okay ._______.
This is fucked up but the translator must have really liked it to have translated all of that text