(C88) [Unagigoya (Sakura Puchilo)] Koutetsu Shounen Heinrich [English]

(C88) [うなぎ小屋 (さくらぷちろー)] 鋼鉄少年ハインリヒ [英訳]

Parodies: original (3,690)
Groups: unagigoya (25)
Categories: doujinshi (181,377)
30 pages

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"i give you dick on purpose" i laughed so hard
Its not gay if its a robot right??
Franz Schubert
Lets be honest folks, we all want a gothic lolita trap shota sexdroid as well don't we?
Still waiting for advance ai sex bots
chucho_chocolate Huh, I see you're a man of coding culture as well. What you suggested could be a factor. But still, there's just so much variations of script responses you can put in. Still can't program emotions tho. I mean, read Believe Machine and try to tell me that shit ain't sentient. I'm just uncomfortable of how lifelike they are, like a non-living being trying to act alive creating the uncanny valley effect. And after Sophia exists even the whole concept of sexaroids became a turnoff. In lieu of good vanilla like this, I just wish to believe that they are living, sentient beings with souls instead of just complex structures of metal and silicon emulating human responses. I ain't buying a soulless object to provide me emotional comfort.
Well. At the beggining the guy chose the personality so according to that the values for "disobedience" will vary. I believe that you can program a RNG to decide when to "disobey". The "pain" button would be like an override that will cancel the "disobedience", The droid doesn't quite feel any pain, it´'s more like; if override then excecute pain_response.script. Or something like that. Also a "personality tree" would be a great choice since it will have a library of scripst to react to the different circumtances. Maybe there are parameters like "master has given 20 orders in a spawn of 3 hours" so, this will trigger a "disobedience" response in the robot- Or maybe the task are too demanding and it will put in risk the inegrity of the bot so... it will try to protect itself. Or... . . . . . . . . . . . . this is just a hentai thingy meant to fap and feel good and we shouldn't over analyze it. I usually like doing that but you know... don't think, just feel good. Just saying
But the thing is, there's just so much script you can put into AI. Even if you code them to disobey, there must be a value point there for them to disobey (like if relationship_point < 30, obedience=10%), logic errors will pop up because sometimes it will have exception error based on other extraneous values. Also, WHO THE HELL WOULD PROGRAM A BOT THAT WOULD EVEN THINK ABOUT DISOBEDIENCE? It's just impractical and will send us to a world worse than terminator. And then there's the spontaneous emotional response, which is impossible to be coded. Just a little coding trivia.
Robots may not care about punishment, but they are designed to like rewards. No pain is a type of reward, more so when the robo expects it to happen. Also robos can be programmed simply to not always feel the need to listen to directions, or to hate pain.
There seems to be a recurring pattern in robot hentai - they all seemed too human. It's not possible for AI's to not follow command or have amy form of emotion. Even this, they have a setting that allows the owner to inflict PAIN should they not follow commands...Only living beings would require reinforcement/punishment conditioning due to the fear of pain...I have a feeling they aren't bots at all...but homonculi, or atleast orphan-turned cyborgs. There seems to be a conspiracy or misinterpretation in the meaning of androids/robots/AIs in Japanese media.
@maeki Aichi Shiho is like my third favorite trap artist lol, but yeah thanks for the recommendations anyways.
@AshZE [A Trap Lover] @HentaiCrepes I suggest you read about aichi shiho, nmasse, tomatojigoku, aimaitei umami, piririnegi, shinagawa mikuzu, tokimachi eisei, nagi ichi.....
@AshZE [A Trap Lover] LOL it's far from that, I suggest reading more of Puchilo's doujins.
Lucas Underwear
I want my own shota gothic lolita boy!!! :3 ❤
Pretty good and enjoyable 8/10
it would have been better if the boys were in my room
It would have been better if the trap fucked the guy
Hurray for the translation! Pretty nice 6-7/10.
Ohhh nice. So he is into fucking traps which makes him 2.14% gay, probably....