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(C71) [UDON-YA (Kizuki Aruchu, ZAN)] Kyou Dake Desuyo? (Fate/stay night) [English] [CGrascal]

(C71) [うどんや (鬼月あるちゅ、ZAN)] 今日だけですよ? (Fate/stay night) [英訳]

Groups: udon-ya (112)
Categories: doujinshi (138,514)
38 pages

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oops you're not mom
I simply think this was cute and the art is just mediocre enough that many people can relate. It's just something that people can't seem to hate.
"The meat walls inside you are twitching." 10/10.
Qui veut mon Snap ? C'est lapetitefilou pour ceux et celles qui veulent
God with a capital G
Now back to the actual doujin. Art whilst it is poorly made the eyes of some character is oddly out of place Plot whist it is nothing special or unique. This type of doujin has been done many many times with greater success due to higher quality or odd character dialogue/chemistry.
God with a capital G
Regular adventure 7: I have no clue to why is this doujin always in the recommendations list after every doujin, i have divided 2 theory to this abnormalities. 1st is the algorithm maid and popular character seems to be a great math for any doujin. 2nd is that this doujin has been re posted many many times. I have yet to provide sufficient evidence to back up most of my claim but i hope that one day this mystery can be solve
Finally a good wholesome one with saber and shirou
This gets recommended after every doujin
Second ever 10/10. I don't usually like remakes of my favorite manga and anime. but this fits so well. and everything is well done. its fuckin great