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Says Yaoi, but only a small blowjob. I wanna see the whole family turned to sex slave since the husband is never there. Why can't they ever rape the son too, more money whores.
I bet cucks keep yelling "Noooo!!" While jerking off crazily like theres no tomorrow. Totally rotten yes my dear cucks? Mhm
wtf is this shit come on dude u fap on dis shit u most a faggot seriously i mean fyi instead of watching the one you love get fucked and you'll fap like fuckin idiot there is something will feel better if u use ur little thing in there pussy trust it will feel a lot better
@ Tony098 Your insecurity mixed with your massive butthurt smells deliciously
They have big dick in hentai ,but in reality they have puny dick , haha 😂😂😂😂😂😂 All they do is just a crap don't work on logically , I mean come on who would let his family fuck in front of Him , I'm mean I'm not that person who would let fuck with other peoples. Tanaka ajiis sadist thing because he doesn't have gf in first place and the crush is he love with fucked by other old persons now he's just torchering the people with his stories , this assholes are living useless and disgusting life no one will give job for them and they do this kind of dirty things. Give people a faith but they give us nothing but unfaithful betrayal and disgusting shit . If I were THANOS I would kill all the Japanese people with mysnap of finger.
Yagami Boi
Tanaka aji's doujins are really hardcore.I wonder how vanilla fan react about them lol.
aaahhh.... finally all nine chapter plus extra chapter in one book.... now will just wait for the translation... also read the first chapter, the boy has some kind of fetish seeing his family being fucked...
Ecchinosuke is the resident closet ntr fan of nhentai He keeps badmouthing ntr hentai yet he just cant stop reading them. Must be hard being a self loathing vanillafag. Last but not least you'd think after reading that much hentai he'd know by now that police doesnt exist in hentai, same as stds . Alas, he is a slow learner , emphasis on slow.
Dude, this is hentai, there's plotholes everywhere. Stfu and fap to the art.
Ok the question here is why doesn't he call the police? Blackmail doesn't work if the moron doesn't have any ships to bargain with. This is the problem with NTR it needs to constantly be better than the last and it keeps escalating to worst situations than the last. At some point NTR will stop being NTR and just be nothing.