(C94) [Isocurve (Allegro)] Special EXtra FRIEND SeFrie Tsuma Yukari Vol.01 + Omake Paper

(C94) [アイソカーブ (アレグロ)] Special EXtra FRIEND セフレ妻ゆかり Vol.01 + おまけペーパー

Parodies: original (14,444)
Artists: allegro (54)
Groups: isocurve (28)
Languages: japanese (183,192)
Categories: doujinshi (214,642)
27 pages

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Btw,where all those crying baby virgins with their "eww ntr, ugly fat bastards, ugly old bastards". Ah ye, this time it's a 6.5 foot alpha power house, can't complain LUL
@RendingLegs It is actually translated, you're just too poor to afford yourself a translated faps. Pleb.
Like none of this guy's stuff is translated wtf.