(C94) [MTSP (Jin)] Tanemori-ke no Katei Jijou 1 [English] [N04H]

(C94) [MTSP (Jin)] 胤盛家ノ家庭事情1 [英訳]

Parodies: original (4,925)
Artists: jin (140)
Groups: mtsp (116)
Categories: doujinshi (185,502)
30 pages

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@8TB I prefer his other series about Rin and Saber where i believe: his focus is onto subjugating and humiliating the female characters. In that one there's barely any shirou scenes and its all concentrated on the girls, hope he continues that one.
@ThorfinnRhcp3 isnt this one h ttps://twitter.com/mitosupa_jin his twitter?
Oh Come On! We need Help This Kid Become Manly! ASAP!
Oh No Here We go again. Let's Do This! N I 🅱 🅱 A
This long drawn out essay of sorts, is essentially attempting to make clear that it doesn't matter the type of hentai of which you're a fan: everyone who reads hentai is attempting to vicariously live out some subconscious fantasy. Every story represents a glimpse of a world in which we wish we could live. Otherwise, literally speaking, we'd all have to come to terms with the fact that we're staring at pixels on a computer/television screen and fapping. Jin's work doesn't "subvert tropes." He isn't the hentai version of George R.R. Martin. He's raising pigs for slaughter--that being his main characters, and by proxy many who are unfortunate to stumble upon his work. (My stumbling was borne out of an erroneous suggestion of "escalation.") He's an author who caters to a niche crowd, whom I wouldn't necessarily characterize as "NTR fans" but as "SCF fans" where SCF stands for "schadenfreude." Nevertheless, it is what it is. Try to relax on each other and give yourselves a break.
Don't get me wrong, I find it just as uncouth when comments such as "death to NTR" are expressed. I've always been able to get into NTR insofar as the focus remained on the cheater, and the one with whom said cheater is having, in this case, her trysts. But when you set up the protagonist to be as sympathetic, for example, as a meek orphaned boy, with a sickly grandfather, taken in by his neighbors who have served as a surrogate family, who then later get raped, and have his surrogate mother, who happens to be the object of the main character's affection, continue trysts, albeit blackmailed, with the one who raped her, and narrate the increasing pleasure she gets from it, and conclude the story with the main character receiving a recording of all of it, that's not just "NTR," it's "fucked up" for lack of a better term. And this comes from a person who enjoys watching "Mistreated Bride" "Step-mother's Sin," and I have many of PIXY's and Lilith's works. I even translated an NTR work.
I've never had anything against either "vanilla" or "NTR." But I've been observing a lack of self-awareness among readers both here and at e-hentai. After reading Jin's work, I've come to the understanding that his intentions with his approach to NTR is to psychologically abuse his main characters, and by proxy, many of the readers. For it's the protagonist which usually serves as the emotional and literal entry point for the reader--especially if it's an extended work. So, it comes as no surprise to me that Jin's work is met with such animus--of which I'm not sure I can exclude myself. Of course, you'll have the internet contrarians who've convinced themselves that they belong to some esoteric group who "break the mold" by referring to those who don't join them in their schadenfreude as "vanilla fags." In reality, said group of agitators--a more apt description--are no more than outcasts attempting to justify their own angst and other psychological impairments.
Honestly i really really like his art, but as far as i know he'll end up with ntr.
im already having the shivers, cant wait to see what jin has in store for this story
Yes, come to the Vanilla side Jin. Show us you have a soul.
This is not Jin that I used to know
Waiting a year just to see nothing? No sex??
A shota with shota-size penis is the best, weather it was with a MILF or a DILF.
lol this author stuck at his own game, too boring at this point
Nah i trust ma boi jin too turn this into NTR. This was boring as shit and is only good for the pre-story. Hope the shota gets NTR's and then feminized.
Drink bleach and die vanillafags :)
where is the f'cking sex here? you teased much us for this and put the NTR tags here niggas, death to all vanila fags!!!
L Lawliet
I hope this author stays vanilla on this one. Every other doujin turned into ntr, blackmail or rape, so it'd be refreshing to see a change of pace. That and I like his artstyle but I really don't like ntr or blackmail rape.
Am I the only one who wants jin to continue the tohsaka series? Like a new series is nice but id rather see rin
and it's gonna suck this time cuz the sis is really cool
the worst thing about this guy is that he start it vanilla af then turn it around just to fuck with you lol........like be direct from the start
@sambucety Jin don't have twitter and he never said anything His Blog http://karen.saiin.net/~mitosupa/
Yeah whatever direction, just here for the artwork, I kind of prefer vanilla tho
I hope author goes ntr route just to piss off the comment section lmao.
Embrace ourselves Bois Our N I 🅱 🅱 a is coming
Vanilla more better, all ntr are similar and boring, hope he choose vanilla.
I'm here to trigger you
hope he go vanilla... getting bored with ntr now... whatever happens we should just enjoy the art work
The author is indecice in his twitter he said He cant decide to go to the vanilla path or the ntr path He said if go for ntr he need to "force" one situation that the MC only is a little son and the other hand vanilla path is more easy and if He go for Vanilla harem is one option PD: He still receive hate for Tachivana's work xd
@Tony098 Dude, if you dont like it, then dont read it lol
Well well, nice start, slow, cute, but we know what's coming...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I hope next chapter will be up soon, I wanna see some NTR!
Welp, the story is going down an interesting road, but it's Jin's work we're talkin about, i can't help but think when NTR is coming, after all he starts off pretty vanilla-like and then goes the NTR route like it's nothing.
Seal Lock
This authors actually teach me many thing in Tachibana like. how bad could the guy be and how stupid the women can and beware of camera in changing room. plus it inspire me to be massager but in the good way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
This asshole authors can't give people faith , I wish people like them won't be able to live longer and die in depressive that they make people suffer by their shittiest stories. There won't be any bright side .
oh my god shes so beautiful I love this
the author really did amazing job
Pentagram Industries
It's been a year since chapter 1 came out. Did the author die or something?
beware the netorare is coming
Xī Fāng Bái Hǔ
Good but I'm skeptical about future chapters
Oh boy Shit about to goes down.
As we all know, the twists will come after a few chapters
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