[DMAYaichi] Hisui's Royal Treatment (Fairy Tail)

Parodies: fairy tail (137)
Characters: hisui e. fiore (1)
Artists: dmayaichi (2)
Languages: english (56,606)
Categories: doujinshi (185,621)
10 pages

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if it a doujin, don't make the guy the random faceless bastard. We have many male characters that the fans can relate and project into.
youre in the good way, just keep doing this style with others characters of fairytail and youll succed ;) yeah its me again, this is art and if you dont think the same fuck you, also if in the future you do it colored there you will have no oponents
Wow! Even Hisui is now part of the Fairy Tail hentai doujinshi!
Damn, it's been a while since I've seen a comment from you Jazzboy
Eat this
One of the best thing that came with the creation of Fait Tail