(C94) [Ishikawa Pro (Ishikawa Naoya)] Kuttsukiboshi -Natsu no Owari Ni- (Kuttsukiboshi)

(C94) [石川プロ (石川直哉)] くっつきぼし -なつのおわりに- (くっつきぼし)

Parodies: kuttsukiboshi (28)
Languages: japanese (165,876)
Categories: doujinshi (187,726)
20 pages

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Sandiego Uno
guessing people are wondering how nipples look like, so the artist became the first ever to draw it in a manga
Far superior than the Ova.
I wonder why the artist suddenly decided to start drawing nipples. Was he threatened by the hentai Yakuza? Has he become a revolutionary dedicated to showing the boob? We may never know.
It's nice to see this series is still going strong every passing year.