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There's a fallout chapter wtf
This is nice. If only it had some colorful pages tho, it doesn't have to be every page..
They should do a little chapter detailing their "training" program at their headquarters.
That gyaru girl is a legend her in workplace
Love it, hopefully it'll come in English soon.
once again i didn't mean to offend anyone atleast my will did. i was just want to know it and i like the artist and doujinshi from butcha. ладно, увидимся позже пиздец
pidor-blyat question and logical comment time is here ~ - - -first=> what the hell is this? plot and others? - - - second => if this kind restaurant exist that place i mean that county will perish it will become even worse situation than iraq or syria. - - - third => well i like the artist and his style plus ofcourse doujinshi itself but i didn't mean to write rude thing but from the comment sect i can't just find that no one is talking about how those thots living normally like this... - - - Fourth => so the last one is how they are living normal and working like you can find this type of restaurant anywhere everywhere like this. . . .even through they just get pregnant from random dudes....super ultra dultra T H O T ,okay in the my comment i know that this doujinshi is based on the fantasy i know that and i just want to know what exactly happening on the back those T H O T's living and their salary and even the socialism how they are reacting into this type of restaurant
I love the end in the world of fall out <3
My favorite family restaurant.
God is in heaven and all is right with the world.
wish they at least made the futa day all girls and no guys. was a turn off for me.
new release or re up with additional pics?
@Zerobero12 The perfect description for a 40 year old virgin with no appreciation for art like you