(C93) [Usamimi Syndrome (Erutasuku)] Ore dake no kuso Aniki (Dragon Quest XI) [Chinese]

(C93) [うさみみしんどろーむ (えるたすく)] おれだけのクソ兄貴 (ドラゴンクエストXI) [中国翻訳]

Characters: erik (12)mia (7)
Artists: erutasuku (37)
Categories: doujinshi (204,117)
34 pages

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No male on male, so no Yaoi tag. The one doing the rape is "female" "@baaskaas123".
I think the writer made a mistake in where this is set (largely the fact TWO characters weren't in the party at this point, one joining AFTER Mia and the other unavailable till post-game for spoiler reasons). I do see this as a "what if" the "Mia was given Erik BEFORE the party rescued him when he was kidnapped in Act 2"...till I saw the errors which confuse me (but I was able to ignore it and self corrected it myself LOL).