[Blitzkrieg (Denchi)] Hajimete no Netorare Maso-ka Choukyou 3 ~Bed no Shita Hen~

[ブリッツクリーク (電池)] 初めての寝取られマゾ化調教3 ~ベッドの下編~

Parodies: original (6,296)
Artists: denchi (4)
Groups: blitzkrieg (10)
Languages: japanese (167,500)
Categories: doujinshi (190,216)
57 pages

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This reminds me of that "my wife's boy friend buy me a switch" soyface picture
xD man this its just an average story altought i enjoy good ntr this one was insipid for me so average so normal dammit it sucks i think has a second part or so but nvm i wont read it art its soso but .....
Wow. What a bitch, the WORST BITCH. I would definitely dump her and leave her ASAP.
oops you're not mom
Let me teach you japanese!! The second line in the japanese title reads "ne to ra re " so next time you find these japanese kanji you know what you're getting yourself into. Love you guys.
Omg this is so sad Alexa play Despacito
i despise cheating and netorare tho, else this lady is perfect
I just LOVE this Artist, great artwork, gorgeous cute lady, love her yandere look, so adorable + love the S theme and above all is sexy cute high heels, look at page 14, tell me if that doesn't smells amazing, love em all