[TWILIGHT DUSK (Aya)] Tsutomesaki no Musume-san o Oishiku Itadaku Hon Sento hen [English] {Mant}

[TWILIGHT DUSK (藍夜)] 勤め先の娘さんをおいしく頂く本 銭湯編 [英訳]

Parodies: original (6,627)
Artists: aya (69)
Categories: doujinshi (191,306)
33 pages

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The uncle was kind of a nice guy telling her to help her papa that way
Aoi Hikari
> supposed to > pretend play So, uh, what exactly is happening here? It kinda looks like from her phrasing the uncle suddenly realizes she only pretends to be oblivious. Then it also kinda makes sense for her to use the same phrasing in the end (basically she says she knows what is sex and so they should keep it secret from dad). But from the translator notes it seems they got some other meaning from it, which I'm not sure how it fits the context. Did the translator miss something which is also why the phrasing doesn't sound like it's supposed to give up her pretend as it should? It am I missing something?
Daddy got cucc by uncle. That was good.
no netorare warning... don't get me wrong I like some netorare but no dad being taken away from his daughter though even if it's incest it's still incest w/ uncle like fk it still hurts
Hentai Is No Sin
I don't say this often but... I accept some of this author's NTR pieces. They're acceptable. Not all of them. But some of them. This in no NTR tho. Just saying that I approve of SOME of his NTR.
finally translated nicccccceeeeeeeeee
Kinda wanna gnaw my fapping arm off.
Joeseph Goebbels
Kys cucks (before the tag appears)
@callacall The sad truth lol
pretty good as always. Bless aya
@Iexpectedbetter you're not doing the society any better so might aswell kys too.
These extra pages are nice
Yes but he is very annoying...
papa bl3ss
+agtra that guy is one of the troll in this site, ignore him
@agtra the dude's mom probably get fucked by some other guy that's why he becomes like this, sad fate.
Weird for this author to draw non-ntr
@Iexpectedbetter I don't know how you can treat human lives so lightly
The bath takecarer is one thing, but even her father too???