[NT Labo (NT Robo)] Aisai, Doui no Ue, Netorare 3 ~Ogawa-ke no Baai~

[NTラボ (NTロボ)] 愛妻、同意の上、寝取られ 3 ~小川家の場合~

Parodies: original (14,444)
Artists: nt robo (16)
Groups: ntlabo (16)
Languages: japanese (183,192)
Categories: doujinshi (214,642)
60 pages

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2nd is better. It has really good puncline. This one is lame
Anyone down to translate this?
This is a very good story. Waiting for translation.
Esto ya es un clásico
@djagvegbc They are just drawings you fucking idiot, no woman was objectified here because NONE OF THIS IS REAL.
Lt Light Ark
@djagvegbc Why are you in a porn site seeing porn if you think that porn is objectifying and should be banned? H.Y.P.O.C.R.I.T.E.
@djagvegbc If you feel that way then fuck off from this site which only has porn produced by Japan and follow UK's ass you love to kiss so much
Glad I'm not a woman living in Japan. Too much objectifying, it's just a weird country. Now I know why UK banned this kind of stuff. The world should follow UK
@zombiefan, different couple, each entry in the series is a different couple.
Is this the same couple as 2? She doesn't look like it, but the title says 3
If anyone is working on translating this or can translate professionally email me I’ll either chip in or commission a translation wii3434@gmail.com
just me
@donytyvi, that's like saying what's the deal with the western artists and furry/gay furry/bestiality/incest/cheating/interracial...at least the Japanese do make some decent vanilla among all those, though apparently it doesn't get as much attention as NTR
donytyvi This is nothing new, you are just late to the party
This is some next level netorase wtf
What's the deal of Japan and NTR these days ?
oops you're not mom
In this one, the husband started it so for me all of them are bad people.
Trash will always be trash.