(C89) [Nijiiro Suisho (Nanashiki)] Erohon o Yondetara Kinjo no Onee-san ni Fellatio Sareta Hanashi [English] [TreePerception]

(C89) [にじいろすいしょう (七色)] エロ本を読んでたら近所のお姉さんにフェラチオされた話 [英訳]

Parodies: original (8,025)
Artists: nanashiki (27)
Categories: doujinshi (195,892)
22 pages

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@Martin Luther King have you ever checked 「dark skin」tag before? That tag has around 15,932 doujins on there.
@Martin Luther King It's because there are so many foreigners in Japan that only cause trouble and are generally weird (racist) like Jake Paul. That's why doujin artists tend to avoid interaction with these kind of (people?), and thus don't have the material to use in a doujin, and also, their work made for Japanese doujin industry, that means if Japanese aren't interested, the industry has no need for the production of doujin with racial diversity. TLDR: Is your taste in minority? PAY UP
São histórias assim que mostram como nossa vida real é chata e sem graça :v Podem chorar
@Martin Luther King Jr. seriously fuck off
Not someone to trust
I have reached a level that i don't know anymore if Iexpectedbetter is a troll/is joking in those comment sections.
Fuck off Marxist Lucifer Kang
Martin Luther King Jr.
We need some racial diversity in this
The Ahegao God
One-Chan making my dick happy (2019)
Onee-chan is the best onee-chan