(C94) [Ayashii Bochi (PINTA)] Yappari Ushiwaka nandesu yo ne | Who Else But Ushi? (Fate/Grand Order) [English] [Saint Quartz Scans]

(C94) [あやしい墓地 (PINTA)] やっぱり牛若なんですよね (Fate/Grand Order) [英訳]

Artists: pinta (8)
Categories: doujinshi (199,537)
23 pages

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She may be a 3-Star in Rarity, but she's a 5-Star in every other aspect. As an aside, I must express gratitude for VR Mash. Because of the special banner for CEs featuring her, I didn't have to wait for the Onigashima re-run to get Dumplings Before Flowers. :)
I love Ushiwakamaru ♥ My favorite 3 star servant ♥
"Who Else But Ushi?" sounds like the name of a sitcom.
Leslie Banks is a syphilitic whore.
Filthy Dweeb
This is it! I will patiently wait for the rest now
Who else but Ushi? * laugh track *
Knight of the Shota
Finally an english translation for one of my favourite "riders"
finally! I wonder why is Ushi not very popular with doujin artist
Praise Aqua
I like that Da Vinci is a common appearance at the start or end of FGO doujins