(SC2019 Spring) [Mocomocodo (Nukunuku Batten)] Tate no Yuusha no Fukushuu | Restoration of The Hero of The Shield (Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari) [English] [Comfy Pillow Scans]

(サンクリ2019 Spring) [もこモコ堂 (ぬくぬくばってん)] 盾の勇者の復讐 (盾の勇者の成り上がり) [英訳]

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Vine duscando oro y encontre sida
Btw who was initially want to become Shield Hero's party before Malty's betrayal?
Man we need some daddy action here..... People who feel like type 1 above
Before this was translated I thought that In this timeline he meets the slave owner before encountering malty, and everything after that proceeds as in the Anime lmao
She deserved far worse
Seriously first doujinshi dis is what I get 😒
Kazuya Minegishi
If I was Naofumi I will rape her with the cursed series active maybe even a earfuck if feeling creative
Klaus for you!
God damn i hate that bitch! FUCK HER WITH THE RAGE SHIELD
no bone on this bitch !
she is getting pleasure and its unacceptable, we need gore, torture, impregnate, rape and ugly bastards for this bitch
Gabriel UwU
To be honest I was expecting something worst where she would cry and beg to stop... with blood and scars all over her body, screaming in pain by getting raped by a monster Naofumi would had bought to the slave seller... but I gess it's fine UwU
Finally, this bitch got what she had coming to her
mr. Y
Nah its too vanilla.. Make it more rough and break that bitch mind
How about raphtalia and naofumi?
I would be happy somebody got there revenge but the smile she gave at the end angered me. Fuck that cunt.
Gets accused of rape: Rapes her anyway
Been searching for this,yeah fuck that bitch.
@boag: that's great! she's tortured :D
Now to extend to Filolial queen and Naofumi (femdom, footjob, orgasm denial, etc)
@Subscrible to Pewdiepie you are an ugly bastard
Visual Matrix
I’m just gonna see what the comments unfold but she deserves every bit of this
Maybe we don't deserve it, but we need a Threesome with the generic shield protagonist, the cute racoon grill and (maybe) the loli bird. PLEASE 👍
@Cybogun I agree. We need Naofumi x Raphtalia doujin
this sickens me she should die
She's a whore and she f*cking deserved it
Delete this or I will delete your fortnite account.
I’ll just be on the sidelines watch in the comments unfold. Who’s with me?
I Got Reincarnated As A WEEB
As long as she is cute but I woukd prefer the Goblins raped her
Chicken mcfaggot
Why are you all mad this has mind break and rape in it which the bitch deserved to get raped
mob kun
Absolute hersey , kill it with fire! It is sickening that this has 2000+ favs what degenerates
Little Waifu Material
Why does Naofumi look sō cute, aawh i want hiim
Subscrible to Pewdiepie
Rapthalia x NTR x ugly bastard where
I came cause a shit post from facebk
@"???" Your actions have consequences.
Nice quote you got there, homie
We need naofumi x raphtalia
Jero Lionheart
Lol I didn't expect her story eas translated that soon
Naofumi Iwatani
@ZSaber Ikr, she doesn't deserves my freaking beautiful dick ;)
Damnit the one time I wanted guro to be in the tags
not my proudest fap, but I'll take it
This bitch needs more rape and ugly bastards
Negi_chan_ 45
And I thought 215600 was repulsive, this changes my standards. I refuse to fap to this out of principle. To think I could be weirded out by softcore. This is truly disturbing.
SPOILERS Melty gets renamed BITCH by the queen, her mother, who has more power than the king. Honestly, that will always be one of my favorite things in Rising of the Shield Hero
Shady Individual
Malty is the best girl. So glad she got the recognition she deserved!
the first doujin shield hero doujin that I read in english is this. Damn I need a gallon of bleach...
Who would even draw this trash?
Guess he raped her this time lol
I need a snuff doujin of this bitch
I want to see her destroyed, ruined i want this bitch to suffer
We need this with more hardcore version And ofc, they can include others girl too
Karuto Kazehaya
I think Naofumi doesn't even want to put his dick inside that bitch
Why the bitch? And why does Naofumi rapes her? I mean we ALL WANT the king of faubley to rape her and if you don't know how he looks then just imagine your everyday ugly bastard except fatter and hard to recognize as a human
well since the comments section wants it so badly, i guess ill drop big ass spoilers around the middle of the WN, she fucks up again and gets exiled by the queen and sent to be the new wife of a Pig King, who tortures, rapes, mutilates and murders her. He makes a video of this and sends it to Naofumi. But it was a fakeout, cause the author is a hack, and she turns out to be saved by a reincarnator. after the Reincarnator is defeated, they take his Harem of 100+ women and start using torture devices to murder them in a public setting with Naofumi as a guest of honor. The deaths range from using iron maidens, racks, Acid baths, flaying and all those nice medieval death devices. Melty meets her end along with the harem..... NOT she turns out to be the splintered soul of a goddess that has been trying to take over the world where they are, she has been the cause of the waves and every single shitty thing that ever happened, in the End Naofumi gets god powers from a deus ex and kills her.
This gave me erectile dysfunction.
Familiar of Chocolate
Favorite for the comments section. Also, where is the tag for goa'uld symbiote? Those are fairly painful if I remember right.
a good dicking will make her obedient, sadly the LN didn't go for that route
قيس الخزعلي
I want to see her get raped by goblins
I wanna beat the bitch not beat it to the bitch
For once I'll agree with everyone here.
Kimura Wolf
This bitch doesn't deserves a translation
This is rape i can get behind, we need more monsters, snuff, guro, amputee, mind break, fat bastards and all of the nasty tags for this bitch.
Soma Cruz
This is too soft. I want to see her raped in all holes by goblins from Goblin Slayer and trolls from Berserk.
Fite me U bitCh KUkukuku
ohh boi, this one might be a rare case where the ntr cucks and vanilla fags out there collectively embrace their inner degeneracy
Good, really Good!!!!! Oh yeah . the first doujin and it is with my favourite character . I LOVE MALTY !!! Raphtalia lovers you sucks!!!
Even as a slave, she still never call his real name. Just to make people hate her more lmao
oops you're not mom
@hokaido1999, if you're talking about the novel ... (talks condensingly) you do know that 'inhumane being' is the main body and her and offshoot right? If I'm getting it right, it's been a while since I last read the novel.
Yeah bitch, you told everybody he clapped your cheeks now he really gon clap your cheeks thot
When I saw that bitch in the thumbnail I thought myself I better see a rape tag cause she deserves every bit
I came here for the comments.
Naofumi Iwatani
Hahahahaha take that BITCH!
The very first shield hero contraption uploaded onto nhentai, what an accomplishment.
begone thot
That's a happy ending in it's own way. The only lacking thing about this, is that they had giant heads, on kids body, we need an artist like ""Katsurai Yoshiaki"", or ""Yamada Gogogo"", or ""Kiasa"", or "Aiue Oka" to draw some Shield Bro with their unique art style.
I do hate her. I loathe her. But I also pitty her because she was already unwillingly corrupted by a inhumane being and ended up being executed for treason.
No goblin, bestiality or snuff tag... disappointing -_-
prefer she ends up dead cuz of *spoiler reasons* but shes hot enough to play with at least once beforehand
In WN she's renamed bitch and sent to another kingdom so at least her body can be of use
Glad we get so see some more from best girl!
I am too disgusted with this dumpster fire to even jack off. Someone please delete this.
Bitch being happy at the end...you had ONE job author, and you fucked it up. Well, it was fucked up a second time when it was Naofumi and not someone/thing disgusting...and a 3rd time when spear bitch wasn't watching it happen.
Ironically Shield Hero forgot to use a "SHIELD" in here! Also why the fuck they made this bitch look so "CUTE"
I'm not a fan of goblins,orcs,rape but this bitch deserve those tags not Naofumi's dick
>rape tag Well that didn't really help the situation but okay
Bra my only complaint is that you make her look like the victim
they said she's the secret final boss in the series and she got multiple gangbang w/ human and monsties.
Hentai Is No Sin
It has started... Now it's still tame, but it will definitely become worse. Can't wait for her to be ravaged (apart from how she ends up in the novel)
...No, this ain't it chief.
papa bl3ss
Lol, i just knew this doujin gonna be vanilla fag wet dream
wow this is the worst time to not have orcs, pigs, old man, ugly bastards, whatever i mean she deserved worse stuff like that for being a literal bitch
I actually think she's really hot.
Where are all the people who complain about rape in hentai
Revenge is a dish best served with aphrodisiac.
abc xyz
Where are the goblins, orcs, pigs,etc when we need them
reminder that you will never be loved and will die alone
Pentagram Industries
I'm surprised that Asanagi hasn't made a doujin of her yet.
Kirbin all day
Iys been a while since I hated a fictional character this much
where is the ugly bastards
would be better if it was a group :C still good quality shit
i need someone else for my first shield hero doujin... not that bitch
she doesn't deserve that ending! i mean, bitch deserve worse
This bitch doesn't deserve Naofumi's dick lmao
This bitch deserve worse
I'm legally obligated to call this girl by the name Bitch. It's the law.
She did nothing wrong, misunderstood cinnamon roll.
Lol that was unexpected 8)
the light novel is worst.
Naofumi would never fuck this piece of garbage.
Where is the amputee tag?
Arc Guemon
I've been waiting for this kind revenge.
this filthy pig doesn't deserve Naofumi's dicc