[ACID EATERS (Kazuma Muramasa)] Aruji-dono no Nozomi to Araba! | As My Lord Desires! (Fate/Grand Order) [English] [EHCOVE]

[ACID EATERS (和馬村政)] あるじどのの望みとあらば! (Fate/Grand Order) [英訳]

Categories: doujinshi (199,536)
27 pages

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Agree with author there. I love you Ushi but good lord her armor design is ridiculous. I wonder how they're going to show her on the anime, maybe simillar to guda, she get some design change in anime?
Nice nice very I need more Ushi doujins
anyone knows how to get shit uploaded on here? the owner is not answering my emails and wont respond to me on twitter
The only (minor) issue I have is the author calling her "Ushiwaka" instead of just Ushi.
I didn't even know she existed
PD Havisham
Finally, these Ushiwakamaru doujins are being translated
Not someone to trust
I agree with Iexpectedbetter. Need better writting, and it would've been fucking perfect.