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>villain is sex offender >sends mostly women
What the fuck that quirk op he could control all might and one for all and destroy the world. Also its not gay since villain never said he was a he or she so yeah
wish that villian could give me that shit :(
Isn't he having sex with the guy tho....
That isn’t very plus ultra of you author kun
that villain is an absolute bro giving deku a harem if u think about it
Shit is kinda gay but if i think about it in another way its not
@ImAGuest You gotta admit it's a little gay
okay this went a *very* different direction from what i expected. i am still very pleased
@GnomeChomp I dont think is gay. The bad guy seem to have take over a lot of female before for sex purpose. So maybe he is a she? Well, with that body a judgment aint a simple thing... well, Deku say "HE took over their body", but maybe in japanese was a neutral term?
On one hand, the sex is forced, bordering on rape. More coercition type, maybe. On the other is not NTR (in the manga only Urara have a crush, and is on Deku. The others arent "otherwise occupied"). On the third, the bad guy is a REALLY good wing man. I mean, come on, he gave Deku a full harem. And while he seem to want to stay a long time, Deku himself admitted that the bad guy did this before (and wiping the memory of the women partially since he was a know sex offender but his power is unknow) and once he was bored he did go away. So the waiting game is an acceptable approach, maybe? It's not like Deku can refuse without gettin all of them dead, after all.
FELLAS, is it gay since a guy is controlling them?
It's good, it's good. A chaos, chaos!
It feel good
The Ultimate Wingman Bro (I want a sequel so much)
Does this shit count as gay considering this villain dude seems to be male?
The Ahegao God
My Hero Academia: Alternate Side Story
Would have been better if he knocked Momo, Mina and Jirou up at the end.
I begrudgingly pressed the favorite button. Time for another drink...
This one is better quality. Even the group is the same so the re-up is very justified.
One day in the far distant future it will be in full color and not just a reupload, and maybe if the stars align uncensored too.