[Shine Nabyss] Uravity Ryoujoku (Boku no Hero Academia) [English] [Naxusnl]

[シャイン・ナビス] ウラビティ陵辱 (僕のヒーローアカデミア) [英訳]

Characters: ochako uraraka (61)
Categories: doujinshi (204,117)
18 pages

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@jdogzero BUT!!!!!!!!!....................................PP hard tho.
pp real hard 😩😩💦💦
how old are you guys. 4?
got a new non gay MHA doujin and it uses the shit wide screen version. how hard is it to just make a good normal MHA doujin. setp 1 dont make it gay step 2 use the normal paper format that everyone is used to step 3 use the hot girls that are all over the series and skip the transgender bs gay genres. enough exist and they are all shit. i mean click on the MHA category to see all the doujin then click on the most popular. look at the first 2 pages and see that not a single one out of 2 entire pages are gay. people dont like it as much as they think. its shit and its really fucking boring. ill take anything other than another gay or gender bend doujin. its old and all the art is shit. if the art isnt shit then the story is shit. stop making them since a massive amount of hot girls are in the show. its fucking annoying. the one and only person who is still making good MHA doujin is junajunajuice. thats all. everything else is a gay doujin or a newbie posting for the hell of it.
This isn’t mind break, I’m disappointed.
Congratulations, you managed to make my pp hard.
Action Option >PP Hard Flee